BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2022 Group B predictions

BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2022 starts today. Group B will be played tomorrow. The favourite team in Group B is NAVI, which has not been able to escape the wrath of FaZe Clan lately. There are teams that can surprise, but NAVI most probably will not allow it.

Today we will take a look at the teams in Group B, the opening matches and the possible results of the group.

BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2022 Group B participants

  • Natus Vincere
  • Complexity Gaming
  • G2 Esports
  • Team Liquid

As we mentioned earlier, Natus Vincere is the favourite team of Group B. Although they will face strong opponents, they are not a team that can be easily defeated.

Complexity Gaming is seen as the weakest link in Group B, and we think so. The other three teams have been performing much better than themselves lately. On July 28, hallzerk joined Complexity, while junior left the team. Let's see what Complexity with halllzerk will do.

Although G2 Esports' performance has dropped a bit lately, they are still one of the top CS:GO teams. Also, HooXi and jks joined the roster while AMANEK and JACKZ left the team. It is a matter of curiosity how they will perform with a refurbished roster.

Shox hasn't played in Team Liquid for a while and joined Apeks on August 11th. Team Liquid without Shox hasn't had much success so far. Will they be able to make it in BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022?

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BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2022 Group B opening matches

NAVI will face Complexity Gaming, the weak link of the group. We hope Complexity Gaming surprises and embellish the group, but it seems unlikely.

Neither team is performing much better than the other. Still, it is possible to say that G2 Esports is progressing on a more successful line. They will probably be the winner of the match.

If our predictions are correct, how will Group B progress?

In case our predictions for the above matches are correct, Complexity Gaming and Team Liquid will match in lower bracket round 1. Team Liquid probably will have no trouble winning this match. This will lead to Complexity finishing fourth in the group stage.

In the upper bracket final, NAVI would face G2 Esports. Considering that the favourite of the group is NAVI, it is highly likely that NAVI will be the winner.

As a result, G2 Esports would rematch Team Liquid in the lower bracket final. As we said, G2 Esports is one step ahead so it is likely for them to win this match as well. As a result, Team Liquid would have finished third in the group.

The grand final match between NAVI and G2 Esports would be quite interesting. We do not think that NAVI will lose, but after all, the opponent is G2 Esports.

The excitement of BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2022 has now gripped all CS:GO fans. Stay on Luckbox to get the latest information about this amazing tournament.