Bjergsen, Bwipo and Hans sama - 2022 roster of Team Liquid

A leading esports organization in any of the disciplines they play in, Team Liquid, has announced their new 2022 League of Legends roster. The new roster includes North American LoL icon Bjergsen, and names that could lead the team to championships. As one of the first “complete” teams in NA, let’s see what Team Liquid can do.

TSM legend Bjergsen recently left his home for more than 8 years and became a free agent, after a year long coaching adventure. Bjergsen felt that he was meant to play actively once again, and his decision was to leave TSM to pursue it. Bwipo, Santorin, Hans sama and CoreJJ, important names in Western League of Legends, will join him in his fight to make Team Liquid the number one NA team again.

Team Liquid’s brand new roster

Team Liquid brought in Bwipo, who has played for Fnatic since 2018. After being part of many European teams, Fnatic was Bwipo’s first successful spell in his professional career. However, 2021 wasn’t a very easy year for him. He had problems with the team, and it was known that he would leave as his contract was ending in 2021. He spent his last year in the jungle, but TL will put him back on top lane.

TL’s jungler will be Santorin, as was the case in 2021. After having a great 2020, Santorin was brought to TL but health problems kept him from showing his true potential. He will have another chance to prove himself at Team Liquid, and with the addition of Bjergsen, it could be easier for him to show he is the best jungler in NA. He is an important part of the team not just because he is a great player, but also because he is considered as a resident.

Bjergsen is a legend in NA, and is arguably one of the best mid laners in the scene. However, he was not playing but rather coaching TSM in 2021. Thus, Team Liquid was criticized as much as they were praised for their decision to bring in Bjergsen. Especially because Jensen performed amazing in 2021. What will their decision bring? We don’t know for sure. Bjergsen on the other hand knows he will be a little bit rusty. He has assured that he’ll work hard to keep up on his recent interviews.

On the bot lane, Team Liquid already has a NA legend, Korean support CoreJJ. He has been the best support in the LCS for a long time now. After winning Worlds 2017, he had a rough year at Gen.G, which led him to join TL at NA in 2019. Since then, Team Liquid has become a different team, and he changed the history of the organization, at least for LoL.

Now, Hans sama is joining Team Liquid to become the best ADC CoreJJ ever played with in NA. Of course, there will be debates, deciding if he or Doublelift is better, but he just might be one of the best ADC players to play in NA. Hans sama and CoreJJ is a top-class bot lane, and if the top side of the team gives what is expected from them, this team could easily become NA’s best hope at Worlds, even aim for the finals.

How did 2021 go for TL?

We have talked about Jensen’s good performance, but Team Liquid probably had some reasons to change him. They couldn’t win anything significant in 2021 other than LCS 2021 Lock In, which is basically a friendly tournament. TL felt that a change was needed. Changing Santorin was probably impossible for them, as they would need to find a resident replacement instead. Alphari was gone already and they couldn’t or wouldn’t change CoreJJ either, which left Jensen and Tactical.

Also, they might just feel they should acquire Bjergsen as if they did, they would have the best mid lane in NA by far and no other team could come close. Right now, only PowerOfEvil seems to be on that level. Cloud9 has Fudge on the mid lane, and 100 Thieves has Abbedagge. TL, keeping both Bjergsen and Jensen, (because no one could pay his buyout as of today) will have the upper hand in mid lane with their new roster.

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