How to bet on Overwatch League: Odds, tips and picks

Since the launch of Overwatch in 2016, the game has rapidly built a strong esports scene across the entire globe. Whether it’s the tier 1 action in Overwatch League, tier 2 Overwatch Contenders scene, or tier 3 Open Division events, Overwatch has developed a reputation for running well structured events with an exceptionally strong dedication to competitive integrity.


This combination of highly-organised events and high-octane action makes Overwatch particularly well suited to esports betting, so we put together a quick guide that will explain how to bet on Overwatch League and other Overwatch events.

Where can I watch Overwatch League matches?

Finding all the Overwatch action - including Overwatch League, Overwatch Contenders and Open Division - couldn’t be easier. Just head over to our Overwatch match listings page, and make sure that the Overwatch logo is highlighted in our game filter bar. You’ll see a full list of all the upcoming Overwatch games, with betting odds and starting times clearly listed.

If there’s a match currently running, you’ll see it highlighted in red and marked with a ‘LIVE’ tag. Just click on the match and enjoy watching the live stream.


How can I bet on Overwatch League?

Unlike many other esports, top-tier Overwatch competition all takes place in a single dedicated tournament - the Overwatch League. This league comprises 20 teams who play against each other on a weekly basis over an eight-month schedule. From a betting perspective, this provides bettors with a wealth of statistics and head-to-head results to inform their betting choices.

For the season ahead, Blizzard have made a number of changes to the game format - including hero pools, homestand weekends and a rapid patch update schedule - that will give knowledgeable fans an opportunity to predict where the big shocks and upsets are likely to happen.

How to bet on Overwatch: the basics

The most popular way to bet on Overwatch League matches is to simply pick which team you predict is going to win a particular match-up. Whether using your phone or your computer, just select the team you predict to win, and your prediction will be added to your betslip. Then enter the amount you want to bet, and hit 'Place Bet'. It's as simple as that. If you haven’t got a Luckbox account yet, you can create your account now.


What do those numbers mean?

Just below each team name on our matches page, you’ll see some numbers. These are the odds for each team, and they show how much money you could win from your bet.

At Luckbox, we use the ‘decimal odds’ format to show the odds. In the example below, if you were to place a $10 bet on Toronto Defiant at odds of 1.55, then you would win $15.50 if your prediction was correct. That‘s $10 x 1.55. The higher the number, the greater the return will be if you make the correct prediction.

What is a favourite? What is an underdog?

Before each match begins, one of the teams is usually considered more likely to win. This team will have lower odds, and will be considered the ‘favourite’ to win. The other team - who most people expect to lose the match - are known as the ‘underdog’ and will have higher odds.

For example, when the 2019 Champions, San Francisco Shock play against Florida Mayhem (the worst team in the 2019 season) most people will predict that San Francisco Shock will win the match. San Francisco will be the clear ‘favourites’ and will have low odds. Florida will be the clear ‘underdog’ and their odds will be high.

It’s not always that clear cut though. When a match takes place between two teams that are considered to have an equal chance of victory, both teams can have similar - or even identical - odds.

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Why do the odds numbers change?

As other bettors make their predictions and place bets on a particular match, the odds for each team change. This will help you see which team other bettors expect to win.

What is in-play betting?

Some bettors choose to place their bet on Overwatch League matches before the match begins. This is known as pre-match betting, and can take place days before the match is scheduled to begin.

On the other hand, some bettors prefer to place their bet while the match is being played. This is known as ‘in-play’ betting. At Luckbox, players can watch live match streams and see the latest odds as the game progresses.

What is a combo bet?

A ‘combo bet’ is a bet that combines two or more predictions into one single bet. If one of the predictions loses, then the whole bet is lost. However, if all the selections in your combo bet win, you will win more money.

In the example below, I predict that Toronto Defiant will defeat Paris Eternal, and I predict New York Excelsior will beat the London Spitfire. Based on the odds below, if I make a $10 bet on Toronto to win then I could win $15.50. If I make a separate $10 bet on New York to win, that bet could win $11.80. In total, I would win $27.30 if both my predictions are correct.

However, if I combine my two $10 bets onto one single $20 ‘combo bet’, then I will win $36.77 if both teams win.

There is a downside to combo bets though - if either Toronto or New York lose their match then the entire bet is lost.

Do your research

To give yourself the best chance of winning when you bet on Overwatch, you should always do your research before you place a bet. Our stats widget will give you information about each team’s recent performance and our roster widget will tell you which players are lining out. In addition, you should use stats websites and other sources to see how each team performs on different maps types, such as control, assault, hybrid and escort.

Also, keep in mind that 2020 season sees the introduction of hero pools, so each team's performance could vary during the season as their most effective heroes are temporarily locked out of the hero pool.

Above all, please remember to always gamble responsibly. GLHF.

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