Bet on LoL: A complete guide to League of Legends betting

So you’ve been watching League Of Legends for a while, and you think you’ve got a pretty good grip on who is going to win, and when.

You want to be a high-roller, and bring out the real money and bet on your favorite LCK games. Maybe you’re a casual fan, who wants to get more invested, so you’re going to try and bet on an LCS team to make it through.

You can find upcoming and live LOL streams on our matches page and this is your complete guide to betting on League of Legends.

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What can you bet on?

Hold up, LoL betting isn’t just about saying that Liquid will beat TSM in the finals of an LCS split. Yeah, you can bet on who wins a match, but there's a lot more to it than just that. Some people will be happy with just betting on the victor of a match, but a lot of you who have an in depth knowledge of playstyle might want to come through and put money on other things.

When you place a bet on LoL at Luckbox, there are plenty of options to bet on. In typical League of Legends match, fans can bet on:

  1. Match winner
  2. Map advantage
  3. Correct score
  4. Team to destroy Inhibitor
  5. Team to slay Baron
  6. Team to slay Dragon
  7. Team to destroy Tower
  8. First to a given number of kills
  9. Kills advantage
  10. Total kills
  11. First blood

Bet on Kills

First-blood betting is simple; you bet on which team is going to get first blood. If you’re watching a Fnatic game in the LEC, you might know that Broxah’s likely to be a more aggressive jungler than his enemy, and with how deep Bwipo likes to dive, that sets up an easy first blood for them. Time to bet that Fnatic will be the one to get first blood.

First blood isn’t all though, because teams such as G2 and Invictus Gaming will have brawls throughout a match. That’s where you want to put a bet on who is the first team to get to X kills. We’ve got options of 10, 15, 20, so you get to flex your knowledge to the deepest level.

Bet on objectives

Maybe you’re watching LCS, and know that Liquid’s bot lane is going to dominate the lane versus Golden Guardians. Sure, GGS has Froggen, but Doublelift is going to get a few kills early on and transition that into dragon. Even if GGS ends up winning by snowballing somehow, you still get your money because you placed the smart bet on who gets dragon.


Not just that, but you can make money off of both teams if you’re good enough. You just bet on TSM losing first blood, but you know that they’re not going to mind being put on the back foot and can fight from behind, so you placed a bet that they’d be the first team to destroy an inhibitor right after they placed baron. So you end up winning money three times by having a bet on each specific objective. Of course, don’t forget - it’s all on how well you think you know the game.

Bet on specifics

Maybe you’re a hardcore LCK fan who’s about to watch a game between SKT and Griffin, and know that this one is going the distance. There are options for you too. For each map there is, you can choose options like betting on both teams getting destroying at least one inhibitor each. For those people who don’t want to bet on one team because it’s too close, they can bet on the entire game!

Finally, remember that if you’re betting on any League where it’s not just best-of-ones, like the LCK or the LPL, then you can bet on all of those things map by map.

Where can you bet on LOL?

Short answer, you can bet for League of Legends on Luckbox obviously!

But really, Luckbox gives you a huge amount of options on where you can place your bets. Of course, there’s all the standard ones - where you can bet on LCS, LEC, LPL and LCK. But there’s more than that, you can even bet on junior leagues and secondary regions. If you’re from Oceania, you might want to bet on the OPL, maybe you’re a fan of Latin America or Brazilian LoL, so you can bet on those!
Luckbox has them all, bet on TCL, OPL, LLA, LFL, and even some of the amateur leagues like Academy League in NA and ESL Meisterschaft can be bet on.


Of course, you need to remember that not every league will have each betting feature. So if you’re feeling like you want to diversify your bets a little, by betting on first blood, first inhibitor and first dragon, then you might need to bet on one of LCS, LCK,LPL or LEC. Make sure you check out the website to check for whatever the exact options you have are though!

But how do I know who to bet on?

Well, maybe you’re not an expert, but there’s still ways to find out what team you should be betting on. We’d recommend doing your own research and conducting your own analysis before you bet, but Luckbox itself has an esports section where you can keep up to date with whatever’s happening in the League of Legends world, and use that to influence yourself.

There's also regular LOL bet predictions from our resident LOL fan Boukev.

Beyond that, Liquipedia and Gamepedia are both great places for checking out which team has a particular record against the other. Numbers only tell you so much though, watching the official streams is just as important, and you can find all the games that are going on live right on Luckbox’s website as well.


Finally, League of Legends is unique because of how many experts create great content. Almost every major region has podcasts of its own where experts discuss how they feel teams rank up against each other, so make sure you go and find the podcast of the region you want to bet on before you go selling your house!

For betting on LEC, you’d want to check out the EUPhoria, and the Elitists United podcasts - among a few other. Maybe you’re not an NA fan but want to bet on LCS because of how predictable it seems from the outside - The Dive, Hotline League, Facecheck and occasionally Listen Loco are great resources to know the inside knowledge of the scene.

Maybe you’re a diehard though, and want to bet on LPL and the LCK. You’re going to have to go check out Emily Randt’s content on Korizon’s YouTube channel to keep up with whatever’s going on - as well as keeping an eye on articles written by various regional experts.

Remember, betting on League of Legends at Luckbox can only be done by those who live in countries where it’s legal to do so, are of the required age, and follow safe betting procedures. Luckbox always does everything it can to provide a safe, secure and stable betting environment for its users.

It's time to put your money where your mouth. Go to our League of Legends filter, if you want to start betting on the rift.