Bet on FIFA: Your guide to FIFA esports betting

Esports fans can bet on FIFA at Luckbox after the hugely popular EA title was added to the list of games available.

Betting on FIFA has grown gradually in popularity but exploded in the first few months of 2020 as the Coronavirus pandemic wiped out all major football leagues across the world.

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Instead, fans looked elsewhere for their football fix and increasing numbers began to bet on FIFA.

As an esport, FIFA still has much room to grow and the scene is by no means as well established as the likes of CS:GO or League of Legends. That said, its potential has clearly been recognised, with many of the biggest clubs in the game hiring their own pros to represent them in FIFA esports.

While it's lower-level stuff, FIFA esports is pretty rich when it comes to events and tournaments, which is great news for fans looking to bet on FIFA as there's often a massive choice of matches to choose from.

Get started

To bet on FIFA at Luckbox follow these simple steps:

  1. Create your free Luckbox account
  2. Deposit funds (use code GLHF to get a 100% bonus)
  3. Head to the FIFA esports section and check the latest live and upcoming matches
  4. Browse the markets and make your selection
  5. Place your bet
  6. Sit back and enjoy the action

You must be at least 18 to create an account and Luckbox is committed to supporting responsible gambling.


How does FIFA betting work?

Betting on FIFA is a lot like betting on real football matches. Many of the betting options are the same. Markets include:

  1. Match outcome
  2. Correct score
  3. Both teams to score
  4. Total goals (over / under)
  5. Asian Handicap
  6. Double chance

1. Match outcome

This is FIFA betting in its simplest form. Pick which team you think will win or whether you think it will be a draw.

Odds at Luckbox are in decimals and the favourites are the team with the smallest odds - for example 1.5.

It's worth noting that bets are on outcomes in "ordinary time" - that is the match in 90 minutes and doesn't include extra time or penalties.

2. Correct score

What do you think the final score will be? Choose from a range of options to predict the score. The specifics involved mean the odds on this market are usually very juicy.

3. Both teams to score

Are these players renowned for their attacking skills? Is one team super strong defensively? This is a binary market where you can choose "yes" or "no" and the odds will be determined by the past performances of the players involved, the teams they use and their opponent on this occasion.

4. Total goals

This is over/under market lets fans predict the total amount of goals in the game or a given half. It doesn't matter which team gets the goals, they all count.

Under 1.5 goals in ordinary time, for example means exactly one goal in the match would be a winning bet. Over 5.5 goals, on the other hand, would mean you need at least six goals to be scored to win your bet. So it could be 3-3, 4-2, 6-0 - any scoreline as long as there are six or more goals.

5. Asian Handicap

The Asian Handicap market, so called because of its popularity with sports fans in Asia, is another great way to bet on FIFA. Effectively it gives one of the teams a virtual head start.

So, for example, Arsenal with a handicap of -1.5 would need to win 2-0 for the bet to be a winner.

In Asian Handicap betting, there are also "quarter lines" such as -0.25, where you get half of your stake back. For example, Liverpool -0.25, you would need them to win to win your bet but a draw would see half your steak returned.


6. Double chance

Double chance is a way to cover multiple outcomes when placing a bet on FIFA - it makes FIFA markets that usually have three options into binary markets:

  • Team A or draw - the bet wins unless Team B wins
  • Team B or draw - the bet wins unless Team A wins
  • Team A or Team B - the bet wins unless it's a draw

Combo Betting on FIFA

At Luckbox, you can boost your odds with a Combo Bet. Fans familiar with football betting will probably know these as accumulators, allowing you to group several selections together to multiply the odds.

Our Combo Bet Cash Back offer gives you money back if one of your selections lets you down. Find out more about Combo Bets and Combo Bet Cash Back.

Get your bonus and start betting on FIFA now

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