Best Wordle-like games you can spend your time with

Even if you haven’t played it yet, there is no way you haven’t heard of Wordle before. However, Wordle doesn’t appeal to everyone, and after playing it for some time, you might feel lazy to go out there and place your guesses every day. Maybe it’s time to try out some of the clones of Wordle now, and come back to Wordle after that!

Wordle clones for different languages were already in place for a long time now, but don’t be surprised when we say there are Wordle clones for different categories! Even if you love Wordle and play Wordle Unlimited all day long, one of these clones might appeal to you, as there are loads of them. We listed some of them for you below, check those out!

Best Wordle clones

Just like Wordle, all these games are offering you a chance to compete with people daily for the same outcome. Some of them even have unlimited play options. Let’s start with Nerdle.

When there is a game of words, people are bound to make a math version of it. Nerdle is where you have 6 guesses to find an equation. You start with an equation you make up just like Wordle, and continue to guess using the clues.

For world map freaks, you have Worldle! Worldle gives you a map of a territory, and guessing countries one by one, you try to find out what that territory is. The clues are the distance between your guess and the target country, the direction between them and the proximity between your guess and that country.

With its interesting name, Waffle brings a new Wordle experience: you have all the letters, some belong where they are and some don’t. By swapping them, you are trying to find the six different words hidden inside the grid.

For the full multiplayer action, try Squabble. It’s a fast-paced game of Wordle where you compete with other players. For every incorrect answer, your health will drop, and for each correct guess, you will heal. If you run out of health, you get eliminated, and the last one to stand wins.

Weredle has an interesting take on Wordle. You will guess the word in 6 tries as always, but there is one werewolf among the tiles. It may lie to you, or not. After your first guess, you need to click a tile to guess if it’s the Weredle. If you find it, no new Werewolfs will spawn. It’s hard to explain, just go out there and give it a try.

One of the most recent ones however is CS:GOrdle! There is a daily and an unlimited version for this, you guess CS:GO skins and try to find out the answer. The game tells you if the category, weapon, paint, price, rarity or the condition of your guess is correct or not, and when plausible, how close you are. Even if you don’t know a lot about CS:GO skins, you should give it a chance.

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