Best of TI9 main event playlist

The International 2019 is the biggest esports event of the year and our Dota 2 community has collected TI9 highlights for the record so we can all look back at the most memorable moments from Shanghai.

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You can add your TI9 best plays to the list, too - come and post your play in our Discord server, we'll publish our favourites.

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Final Day

OG vs Team Liquid (3-1)

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Toss chrono combo, Gh dies midair.

Topson pugna ultra kill.

Jerax ninja plays, invisible tiny flanking Liquid from behind with 4 man avalanche.

Sick three man chrono, double kill for topson.

An another one.

OG teamwipes Liquid.

OG are TI9 Champions!

PSG.LGD vs Team Liquid (1-2)

Contesting for roshan, Miracle kills it in the middle of LGD heroes.

Fy god with the rubick plays, stealing avalanche and killing 2 liquid heroes including Miracle who caught 2 LGD heroes in the chrono.

FYYY GOODDDD with the stolen disruption save and the stolen chrono play.

Ame with the Armlet toggle + Infest plays.

Lifestealer tried to rat in base race, but Liquid wins in the end.

Day 5

Team Liquid vs Team Secret (2-0)

Meepo going ham.

Great RP by zai, but immediately counterplayed by Winter's Curse.

OG vs PSG.LGD (1-2)

Fantastic teamfight by LGD.

Next level creep pull.

Nice play by LGD, but then ana with a radiance shows up.

OG combines their wombo combo from 3 heroes for a quick finish of LGD heroes.

Day 4

Vici Gaming vs Team Secret (0-2)

Amazing teamfight given by team secret with an unorthodox pick (OG strat).

YapzOr ravage steal for the win.

MidOne ultra kill, gg call from VG.

Royal Never give Up vs Liquid (0-2)

Team RNG surprises Team Liquid with an opening disable from RNG's bane followed up by Serpent wards and Sanity's eclipse. Team Liquid surprises RNG even more by wiping the floor with them, completely obliterating team RNG as Liquid only loses Miracle.

Final clash before Team liquid takes the second win vs RNG.
Also worth mentioning that Liquid.GH (Rubick) steals a sanity eclipse off RNG.Zetsu (OD) to save a team mate.

Day 3

OG vs Evil Geniuses (2-1)

Topson kills Fly in EG's base with just tree volleys.

Sumail stun ends Ana that tries to make a comeback.

Ana baits Terrorblade's BKB, does a 3-man chronosphere onto team evil geniuses.
Effectively wins the match 1-1.

Nice chrono from Ana but they still lost 3.

Huge swing around from OG at the rosh pit and another great chrono by Ana.

Topson's big plays

PSG.LGD vs Vici Gaming (2-0)

Teamfight in a quiet match.

chalice of psg.lgd does a perfect hoof stomp after buyback against VG's core to win the fight.

Mineski vs Secret (1-2)

Mineski decimating Secret with huge AoE damage.

Meepo out of control.

WOW! Mega creeps. 12k gold lead. Comeback.

Chronosphere steal by Yapzor.

Ultimate comeback teamfight for secret, Nisha ultra kill.

Last Chhronosphere to the win!

Day 2

Team Secret vs Evil Geniuses (1-2)

The perfect teamfight.

EG teamwipes Secret, nice Earth Splitter from Fly.

Secret obliterated by EG.

Chronosphere followed by Black Hole followed by Echo Slam.


200iq gank setup by Secret.

OG vs Newbee (2-0)

Game 2

Beautiful Wukong's Command into 3 man RP by Topson and Ceb.

Great Omnislash by ana to seal the game.

Day 1

Mineski vs Natus Vincere (1-0)

Navi vs Mineski, some over 1 minute clip monkagiga so not full clippo of Ragingpotato solo kill zayac.

Base race.

Infamous vs Keen Gaming (1-0)

FNATIC vs Liquid (0-1)

Alliance vs Royal Never give Up (0-1)

Perfect chrono from Boxi, saved Gyro while still allowing him to deal a ton of dmg to ember.

Really flashy counterplay by Ember.

Another on-point chronosphere, saving qojqva yet trapping the two RNG heroes, allowing CM to set up a devastating ult.

LaNm's earth spike turning everything around.

Another beautiful chrono by Boxi.

Decisive moment from team RNG as they pick off Alliance's Gyrocopter.

Vici Gaming vs TNC (2-1)

Game 1

Tims Tiny tossed Dy WD to ancient prowler shamans, ouch.

TNC mid gank dive, gets Ori and Yang.

Ori getting ganged by TNC, but VG counter-plays and gets Tims and Armel.

Kuku almost got away with his life, but Fade and Ori hit their spells on point.

Yang force staff dodges Ice Blast and Sonic Wave, then RP play by Fade allows Paparazi Omnislash to get triple kill.

Kuku burrowstrike initiation with Lifestealer, but Paparazi omnislash quickly shredding thru the invading TNC forces.

Tims attempting to play on VG's roshan attempt, gets caught but manages to dodge and live, starting a long and chaotic conflict that ended in a stalemate.

Fade whiffed his RP and the fight turned bad for VG, Paparazi tried to Blade Fury Tp away but a bash from the lifestealer canceled it.

VG scoring a kill on the much-elusive LS and SK.

Fade got a 2 man RP, but a huge Sonic Wave + Epicenter combo wiped out VG when they tried to fall back once TNC starts to buyback.

TNC tries to make a Lifestealer + Burrowstrike initiation but VG managed to kite them out of position and eliminate Gabbi Tims and Kuku seperately.

Lina gets Tims Tiny, Great Omnislash and RP, the thing that keeps VG floating rn.

Game 2

Tims tried to block VG away armel with fissure, but Fade used it against Armel and telekinesis-ed him into the other side of the wall.

Gabbi getting killed by stolen Ice Blast from Fade, Tims tried to counterplay with Echo Slam but Ravage stopped further aggression.

Dy got a disruption on Razor, TNC tried to make a play with Fissure + Avalanche + Ice Blast but Ravage from Yang still managed to edge it out for VG.

Great echo slam from Tims, Gabbi just running down and killing VG heroes.

Bristle gets nailed by Lifestealer after ravage, managed to draw out Armel and kill him twice.

TNC cores with on-point BKB usage, saving themselves from ravage and turning the fight way in their favor.

Whiffed Ice Blast AND ECHO SLAM from TNC.

Really good spellcasting by VG to take away Gabbi's aegis.

VG gets on Gabbi who tries to take on the rune but gets hit by all of VG while TNC who is nearby cant do anything to help.

No comment.

Disruption save from echo slam.

Oof tnc overextended, that shrine won that fight.

3 man echo slam.

Great echo slam in the end by tims, still can't win.

PSG.LGD vs Virtus.Pro (2-0)

Game 1

Huge teamfight for VP.

5 man ravage by Chalice Tidehunter.

RodjER cancelling Ame's TP.

Team fight at Roshan, Rodjer whiffing his Echo Slam.

Ame tries to burst down a silenced Ramzes, didnt manage to but still bursts down other VP heroes.

A diving Ramzes almost gets killed but saved in time by Rodjer Echo Slam.

Double fissure from VP is about to jump on LGD, but Ame gets them first at the back and obliterates VP.

God's strength + ravage instantly deletes Solo.

A second ravage locks down Ramzes, gets him killed and LGD kills the rest of VP.

Game 2

Huge initiation by LGD, with Ravage able to kill Ramzes TB before the clash even began.

The respawned 9pasha pangolier dealing a lot of damage on LGD, but they managed to TP away.

Ramzes hit by fy's arrow, then died with no resistance.

The outnumbered VP managed to repel LGD and stop them from getting mega.

Ame PA with Rapier + Double Damage, fy kills Noone gyro from the backlines, LGD overwhelm Ramzes TB, GG called by VP.

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