Best moments of VCT: Masters and Challengers

The VCT 2022: Stage 1 Masters - Reykjavík was completed with OpTic Gaming winning the championship on April 24. Till that time, professionals have played a lot of matches and we have seen incredible moves from the players.

Of course, it's hard to narrow down all these amazing moves, but we have decided on the top 5 best moments of VCT: Masters and Challengers.

1- Jonn does Clutch on Icebox

One of the biggest moments of VCT 2022 happened at the VCT 2022: SA Stage 1 Playoffs. Only two teams from the region, Ninjas in Pyjamas and Leviatán, came together to play a single Bo5 match for the championship title. In the first match, Jonn made an incredible move. He signed a perfect clutch in the 12th round to give his team the win in the first part of the match.

2- Jamppi's double pick

Jamppi is a part of Team Liquid. This year, the team has joined the VCT 2022: EMEA Stage 1 Challengers. On March 6, TL joined LDN UTD in the Group A match. When it came to Round 5, Jamppi was the only player alive on his team, while LDN UTD had two other players and Spike as a bonus. In this game, Jamppi first took out Boo with the Operator. Just a second later, Destrian was also down with a Sheriff. What a great shooter.

3- Quick reflexes from BuZz

DRX was undoubtedly one of the best teams in the VCT, thanks to their performance in their region: South Korea. Certainly BuZz's name was among all the victories his team achieved. His other big move happened on VCT: Korea when DRX played against Desperado. He proved how fast he can react to his goals.

4- Ace of F0rsakeN

f0rsakeN is an Indonesian esports player. He is also a former CS:GO pro and was with VALORANT esports until 2020. Now he is a part of Paper Rex and he scored a big ace when his team played Todak at VCT 2022: Malaysia & Singapore Stage 1 Challengers. When all opponents were on the line, f0rsakeN made a perfect gameplay with Jett and brought his team the victory.

5- Cobra takes the Ace

One of the best matches at VCT 2022: Japan Stage 1 Challengers Week 1 - Open Qualifier for Kobra was his team Sengoku Gaming's match against Hexad. In the first match of the round, Sengoku won 13-2, while Kobra totalled 31 kills, including an ace. Already in Round 3, Kobra had made his presence felt in the VCT.

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