Best moments from T1’s historical 20-0 season

Breaking incredible records one after another, T1 has managed the dream scenario: a 20-0 LCK season. Of course, they dropped some games but that did not affect their overall score as what matters is the result of a series. From the start of the season, the team played incredibly well and played as a unit until the end. Let’s have a look at their journey.

For T1, 2022 is the year they harvest the results of their decisions at the end of 2019. At the end of 2019 where they won both LCK seasons but failed to reach Worlds finals, T1 parted their ways with Khan, Clid and Mata. To replace them, Canna, Cuzz and Effort (who actually played during Worlds) joined, and since then, T1 has been replacing each role with a youngster who has a huge potential. After a Worlds semifinal, T1’s new roster is ready to fly.

The LCK 2022 Spring Season starts

T1 changed their coaching staff in the middle of the LCK 2021 Summer Split, and from a team that probably would miss the playoffs, they became the team which played LCK finals and stood up against DWG KIA. T1 faced DK a second time in Worlds 2021 semifinals, and after a close series that ended 3-2, they were able to send a message: we are here to stay.

They had a big rival this season: Gen.G. Dubbed as LCK’s super team, GEN replaced DWG KIA as T1’s opponent in the title race, as DK’s power dropped after some changes in the roster. However, these two teams wouldn’t face off until the fourth week of LCK.

First big challenge of T1 this season was the game against DWG KIA. The series was tied 1-1, Oner was having problems against Canyon and even ShowMaker found a solo kill against Faker in the mid lane and Burdol took down Zeus early on. T1 lost all their outer turrets before the 20 minute mark, gave away Baron Nashor and it was looking extremely grim for them. They waited and waited until the point DWG KIA overstepped, and took the game in their hands.

The gold difference dropped from around 5000 to 3000, the immensely fed Gwen in the hands of Canyon died in the Baron pit which was enough for T1, even while Caitlyn was dead. From that point on, T1 started to win the team fights and played confidently, ending the game in 34 minutes. Making such a comeback happen, all the League of Legends fans and analysts around the world started to ask the question: is T1 back? Are they the best in the world?

First match with Gen.G

That question wouldn’t be answered before they met Gen.G, who also had an incredible run. However, a day before T1’s loss against DK, GEN was defeated by kt Rolster, even though they fielded all their players. T1 was looking better every time they showed up, but then the news from Gen.G shadowed the game.

Most players from Gen.G’s super team wouldn’t be able to attend the game against T1. Covid-19 cases rose in Korea and GEN was no different from other teams as they also took some damage. The problem was, LCK didn’t allow postponement, thus, GEN had to play with replacements from secondary teams.

Although GEN’s team with missing members put up an amazing fight during the first game, T1 was able to come back once again, proving that they have the mental fortitude made of steel. T1 won 2-0, but they had to wait for the second game to prove they are better than Gen.G.

Building up for the second match

The next game against Gen.G would be played on week seven, so T1 had to prepare even better to show that their previous win was not just a fluke. On the way to the GEN game, T1 dropped a single game against Nongshim RedForce and nothing else, even defeating DK 2-0. The second game was close once again with DK taking Elder even, but T1 just wasn’t losing: they won a team fight against a team with Elder Drake buff!

When we finally thought that the incredible matchup would finally be played, Gen.G announced that Ruler is infected with Covid-19 once again. He is a vital part of GEN, and even though Chovy was present, this series wouldn’t be acceptable as a show of superiority.

T1 took the first game with ease, with little to no resistance from Gen.G. In the second game, Gen.G was able to punish some of the mistakes made from the T1 side and had a great early game. However, T1 made it happen, it is impossible to count how many times they did this but they came back, once again.

The LCK 2022 Spring Season Finals

Image courtesy of LCK

18-0 was shadowed, but although it wouldn’t be as good, T1’s next chance was LCK 2022 Spring Finals as they couldn’t face Gen.G in the semifinals. GEN was almost eliminated by DWG KIA however, they won the series 3-2 but the third game was so close that everyone was wondering, is Gen.G really the second-best team?

You can find a game-by-game analysis of the final series in our article below. Here, let’s focus on T1’s success throughout the series.

After a not so dominant first game, T1 lost the second one against Gen.G. Obviously they wouldn’t be shattered because of a loss in a series, as they already defeated GEN during a BO3 and managed to take it home 2-1. Additionally, the second game was such a chaotic one that they probably decided they should forget about it and act like it didn’t happen.

T1’s success made itself clear in the third game. After a great start, T1 lost control of the game at some point and even lost a Baron. That was where T1 fans started to worry: can they play a BO5 from behind?

They went through this during the regular season as well: T1 doesn’t play flawlessly, they are able to correct their mistakes, find the window to punish the enemy and strike there. That’s what they did in the third game, stopping Gen.G’s hopes of making it 2-1 even with an Ocean Soul.

In game 4, T1 clearly outclassed Gen.G in every single way (except solo killing or making Chovy fall behind in gold/CS, but let’s ignore him, he is a monster) possible.

Oner demolished one of the oldest players in the LCK, Peanut, whereas Zeus was playing the game of his life while an experienced top laner like Doran was clearly tilted. T1 not just took the victory and ended the series, they also killed all the hype around Gen.G, making them look like a random LCK team instead of a superteam that they were called as before the season’s start.

These were the best moments from T1’s historic spring season performance. Can they replicate the same at MSI? Can they finally win the Worlds trophy? That’s probably going to be answered by the performance of the LPL representatives. However, T1 is a clear candidate, even now, months before Worlds 2022.

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