Best CS:GO training maps

We all love to play and watch CS:GO. While watching professional players, you must have thought about how to play like them.

In today's article, we will talk about CS:GO training maps that will improve your gameplay.

As you spend time on these maps, you will notice that it affects your game positively.

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Recoil Master - Spray Training

Our first map is quite important and it is a map that those who want to improve should spare time for. Thanks to this map, you can spray with all weapons in the circle that appears in front of you. There's also a green marker that shows where your bullets are going. The fact that it has a feature that shows how the spray should be done only when you press the left button makes the map more important. With the reset button, you clear the bullet marks and reload your weapon, and your spray pattern is reset as well. You can choose the one you want from the weapons on the wall and try spraying from twenty different distances. You can also slow down time and focus more on your spray. If you want to outdo your opponent's spray in a competitive match, you should check out this map.

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One of the best maps if you want to improve your aim is training_aim_csgo2. It is a map where you can improve your tapping instead of spray. You can train in different training environments on the map where you can use any weapons available in the game. One of the best aspects of the map is that it gives you feedback according to your performance at the end of each session. It also tells you how much you've improved. You can check out training_aim_csgo2 here.

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Training Center 1.5c

Training Center 1.5c is a map where you can train in every way possible. You can try your speed at a place where the bots run and die automatically if you don't kill them in time. There is also a panel where you can upgrade your gun spray. There is a separate training room for your grenade throwing. You can improve your peripheral awareness in a 360 degree room where bots spawn in all directions. There is also an arena map where you can figure out how you should react to different situations. Training Center 1.5c is an excellent map to improve accuracy and precision.

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Yprac Recoil Trainer

Another map similar to Recoil Master is Yprac Recoil Trainer. It is another great map to control your recoil and improve your spray. You can try to beat your own record with your spray, and also compete with your friends. You can also measure your reaction time. You should definitely check out the Yprac Recoil Trainer to improve your spray.

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Aim Botz - Training

The last map on our list is also the most popular training map. Aim Botz - Training is a map where you can find everything you're looking for. The bots on the map can move or stop according to your request. If you wish, you can give armor or helmet to the bots. There are also areas to improve your peeking shots and spray. All weapons are also available on this map and can be changed with one click. You can easily open and close different sections on the map. Aim Botz - Training is a great map to warm up before a competitive match.

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We have compiled the most preferred training maps of CS:GO for you. You can improve your performance in many different ways on these maps. After you subscribe to the map you want, the download of the map will start automatically on Steam. Then you can enter the maps from the workshop maps section in the game.

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