Berlin Major CSGO ticket details and prices confirmed

Ticket details for the Berlin Major have been confirmed by tournament organisers StarLadder.

The flaghship CSGO event takes place from August 23rd to September 8th, with the New Challengers Stage and The New Legends Stage held at Verti Music Hall and the New Champions Stage at the Mercedes-Benz Arena.

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How much do they cost?

Tickets for the New Challengers Stage and New Legends Stage start at €10, with a four-day bundle available at €25.

New Challengers Stage prices

Single day entrance, Friday, Aug 23 — €10.00
Single day entrance, Saturday, Aug 24 — €15.00
Single day entrance, Sunday, Aug 25 — €15.00
Single day entrance, Monday, Aug 26 — €10.00
Four-day entrance bundle (Aug 23 to 26) — €25.00

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The New Legends Stage prices

Single day entrance, Wednesday, Aug 28 — €10.00
Single day entrance, Thursday, Aug 29 — €10.00
Single day entrance, Friday, Aug 30 — €10.00
Single day entrance, Saturday, Aug 31 — €15.00
Single day entrance, Sunday, Sep 1 — €15.00
Five-day entrance bundle (Aug 28 - Sep 1) — €30.00

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New Champions Stage

General admission

Single day entrance, Thursday, Sep 5 — €25
Single day entrance, Friday, Sep 6 — €25
Single day entrance, Saturday, Sep 7 — €35
Single day entrance, Sunday, Sep 7 — €35
Four-day entrance bundle (Sep 5-8) — €99

Premium access

Premium entrance, 1-day ticket, Thursday, Sep 5 — €50
Premium entrance, 1-day ticket, Friday, Sep 6 — €50
Premium entrance, 1-day ticket, Saturday, Sep 7 — €60
Premium entrance, 1-day ticket, Sunday, Sep 8 — €60
Full Premium experience, four-day ticket (Sep 5-8) — €249

Buy Berlin Major CSGO tickets

Single-day premium entrance includes a seat in premium area, dedicated entrance, premium attendee badge and priority line at signing sessions. Full Premium experience, four-day ticket includes all single day benefits plus a goodie bag with exclusive gifts.

Premium seats also include:

  • Exclusive seat close to the stage in our premium blocks 101 – 104
  • High comfort through cushioned seating
  • Access to the exclusive Premium Lounge
  • Separate premium entrance
  • One premium parking space (per 2 tickets, when booking the "Premium Seat Only" category)
  • Use of the free premium cloakroom
  • Guest service

Which teams will be at the Major?

Confirmed teams for the Berlin CSGO Major at the time of publishing:

  1. Astralis
  2. ENCE
  3. Na'Vi
  4. MIBR
  5. FaZe Clan
  6. Team Liquid
  7. Renegades
  8. Ninjas in Pyjamas
  9. Vitality
  11. HellRaisers
  12. G2
  13. Complexity

The remaining teams will be determined via the StarLadder Berlin Regional Minors.

Berlin Major ticket FAQs

FAQs relating to the New Champions Stage, provided by Ticket Fairy:

What is the minimum age requirement at this event?

Due to legal age limitations in Germany, only people age 16+ will be allowed to attend the event. Exceptions cannot be made even with legal guardian present or written authorization.

Do tickets have a fixed seat?

You are able to take any seat in the designated area for your ticket type. Available seating blocks are written on your ticket.

Am I able to attend signing sessions?

All ticket holders will have access to the signing sessions. Premium ticket holders will have a priority line.

Where and when I can attend at signing sessions?

A detailed schedule of the signing sessions will be released after the Legends stage and be based on the teams' schedule in the Play-offs. The place for it will be revealed together with the schedule.

May I re-enter the arena with my ticket?

Your ticket is only needed to receive the event wristband. Once you receive the wristband, it will allow you to re-enter the venue multiple times.

Can I bring my bag into the arena?

According to Mercedes-Benz Arena bag policy, visitors are permitted to only take one small bag/handbag with them which does not exceed the size of "DIN A4" (21.0 x 29.7cm).

I brought a bag which exceeds the allowable size. What can I do?

For those who have missed the bag restrictions, there is storage outside of the arena where you can leave your bag. Please be aware that the storage is limited and the cost is EUR 5.00 per any bag/item that needs to be stored. That is non-refundable.

My four-day ticket bundle says that there is a free pin included. How do I get that?

There will be a special pick-up point where you can receive a pin with your ticket.

Can I buy a pin if I have only bought a single day ticket?

Definitely. You can purchase as many pins as you want in one of the merchandise shops placed in the arena.

Will there be a Merchandise Shop on site?

Yes, a merchandise shop will be available throughout the event times.

Is there accessibility for wheelchair users/those with reduced mobility to the Upper Level?

Wheelchair users and their escorts have dedicated sectors on the lower level.

What are the start times of the event each day?

05/09/19, 06/09/19 and 07/09/19: Entrance starts from 13:40. Performance from 14:40.

08/09/19: Entrance starts from 14:40. Performance from 15:40.

What are the end times of the event each day?

Approximate finish of each day is scheduled for 10PM. The length of the event depends on the teams' performances so we can't be too sure as we all know how different they can be.

How many games will there be per day?

There will be 2 Bo3 matches per Thursday, Friday and Saturday. And 1 show-match and Bo3 Grand Final on Sunday.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Guests may not bring any food and/or beverage items into the Mercedes-Benz Arena. Exceptions are made for customers with specific dietary needs due to medical conditions. The presentation of a medical certificate or an appropriate ID is required.

Will there be parking?

Available parking options can be found here.

Picture: Jan M | Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported licence.