Beginner’s guide for watching Dota 2

Dota 2 can be accepted as one of the greatest MOBA and strategy games of all time. Starting with DotA, the game improved itself very quickly and got its place in esports as well. Dota 2 holds a yearly event called The International and it’s always drawing attention with its huge prize pool.

While Dota 2 was becoming popular, the number of people interested in Dota 2 esports increased too. Separately from playing, even watching the game itself was seen as a bit complicated for esports lovers. Here we are with the top 5 things that you should pay attention to while watching Dota 2.


Dota 2 has 122 heroes in total while most of the heroes are coming from the first game, DotA. Heroes are separated into groups according to their alignment, as well as their main attributes, Strength, Agility, and Intelligence.

One thing that Dota 2 made perfect is the unique heroes. All the heroes are separated from each other by their skills and each of them requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Professional players are already experienced with heroes and they get used to when, where and which hero to play.

While you are watching Dota 2, taking a look at the heroes picked by maps and other heroes in the team will improve your skills in Dota 2 analysis. Teams always try to make the perfect combination according to their heroes, as well as their players. You can choose one player or team and check what they are picking on their matches.


An item in Dota 2 is an artifact that raises the power of a Hero by increasing stats or giving bonus abilities. They cost gold and can be bought from base, side shop and secret shop. Only 6 of them can be carried by a hero or courier at one time.

As we mentioned before about making the perfect combination, items are also needed. Even in some situations, a hero can be called item-dependent. These heroes can mostly not participate in the game till they complete their item sets. Also, items are important for heroes to use their skills efficiently. By watching and paying attention to the item bar, you will learn more about item sets.

The Draft

Draft is the time where each team picks and bans their heroes for the current game. Teams generally create their first strategy on The Draft screen. Since all heroes can be stopped by picking a counter hero, teams mostly ban a counter hero of their pick.

After having some ideas about picking and banning, it is so easy to understand what kind of heroes the team will choose and which strategy they will follow.


A Lane is one of three paths connecting the two Ancients. Lane creeps will push along these lanes after spawning. In total, there are three lanes in Dota 2:

Top lane, which runs along the left and top edges of the map

Middle or midlane, where the lane creeps clash in the river

Bottom or bot, which runs along the bottom and right edges of the map.

You should always check the lanes and how professionals are controlling the creeps in their lanes. Depending on the lane, players can have a couple of tactics to use for getting a score or gank other lanes as well. What you need to do as a viewer is always keep your eyes on minimap and follow the lanes.


Runes are special boosters that spawn on the map. They come in two categories. Bounty Runes can be picked up for extra gold, while Power-up Runes grant heroes a variety of buffs and effects for a short period of time.

Bounty Runes: Initially at the 0:00 minute mark, all rune spots spawn Bounty Runes, including the rune spots in the river. After this, Bounty Runes spawn every 3rd minute mark (3:00, 6:00, 9:00, etc.) at the dedicated rune spots within the jungles of each team.

Water Runes: spawn at the 2:00 and the 4:00 minute mark at both rune spots in the river. They do not spawn thereafter. If Water Runes are not picked up before the next runes spawn, they disappear.

Runes give additional power for players and teams so that’s why they are always eager to have these Runes. As a viewer, it is a great opportunity for you to analyze the game while Runes are close to spawn. Generally, teams have a fight for runes and that’s where they show their skills. It is worth it to follow each team when Runes are close to spawn.

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