Battlefield 2042 update 4.0 drops next week

My oh my, what a massive s***storm (sandstorm) this game was. With under 1K player base just months after its release, and developers falling apart among themselves rapidly, it is surprising to see a new major update after the disappointment that brought down the legendary series with it.

DICE estimates around more than 400 specific fixes, which touches the game's bugs and quality-of-life enhancements in Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0, which is slated to go live next week.

While the patch notes will be available at the beginning of next week, community manager Kevin Johnson teased what to anticipate on Twitter.

Rao and Paik, for example, will have their attributes changed. Sundance's Grenade Belt has also been improved, allowing for greater Anti-Armor Grenade target acquisition in their local neighbourhood rather than from the space.

Ribbons have been modified to facilitate unlocking across modes such as Rush, and XP for Support Actions and Teamplay inside the game have been tuned to ensure that collaboration is still worth something.

Vehicle Warfare has been adjusted, and specific changes to the Bolte have been made to ensure that Infantry/Vehicle counter play has some punch.

DICE has been working on the game since its first release, correcting various issues and attempting to make it more appealing to gamers who have complained for a variety of reasons.

Because the company is "working hard" to implement these substantial game updates, Season One has been pushed back until early summer.

This is how Battlefield 2042 looks and feels like since it's release and not much has changed. Season One will usher in a year in which the studio promises four Seasons, four new Specialists, and new locales, as well as additional fresh material.

It seems like they are still in denial about the state of the game. But who knows, time and again we have seen dead men rising up from their graves.