AUG meta: What the latest CSGO weapon stats tell us

The conversation about scoped guns may have died down over recent months, as the CSGO community has got up in arms about other things, including but not limited to RFRSH, battle royale, free-to-play cheaters, the HLTV top 20 and RFRSH again, but Luckbox never forgets. Where once the M4 family were kings of all they surveyed, now there is a new, nouveau gun on the block, and AUG has driven down the value of everything around it.

After ECS Season 7 finals finished with Vitality taking out FURIA, it was time to look again at the stats involving the guns players bought, and particularly rifles, especially with the Brazilians having gone so deep. FURIA are not just big fans of the AUG, like every other team, but also make great use of the scoped gun on T-side, known colloquially as the Krieg, but technically named the SSG 553.


Whatever else happens, it is clear that the AK-47 is still king of the game, and that makes a lot of sense. The best players will always gravitate toward the mixture of long-range 1HKO potential and good pricing, and the sheer versatility of the gun can’t be matched. It might lose to an AUG in the right situation for the CT, but the AK was the most bought gun by a margin at this event.

In terms of %, you can compare the impact each gun had with the London and Katowice Majors in our article from the start of the year, and also see how the other guns fared. However you feel about the AUG, the one absolute truth is that the changes made to the M4A1s have had no real impact in the game, and the silenced rifle is still a niche pick at best, suggesting Valve still have work to do to get the CT options exactly where they want them.