Astralis moves Xyp9x to its academy team

Astralis has made some alterations to its CS:GO lineup, after the team failed to qualify for the Paris Major.

Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth moves to Astralis Talent

The team has a bruising run at the Paris Major European RMR, ending in a dismal 12th - 14th place following defeats to the likes of Team Vitality, Eternal Fire and Ninjas in Pyjamas.

That disappointing performance resulted in Astralis failing to qualify for the Paris Major - the second Major in a year that they'll be missing out on, having also failed to qualify for the IEM Rio Major in 2022.

And so Astralis is making some alterations to its lineup to address the situation - with Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth moving down to play for Academy Team Astralis Talent. The team will instead be fielding Alexander "Altekz" Givskov in his place.

"Throughout 2023, Alexander "Altekz" has been performing on a consistent, high level, and he is currently one of the most talented players in his role," explained Astralis Director of Sports Kasper Hvidt in a post announcing the roster change. "As such, and in continuation of the first team coaches' desire to work with him in the coming period, we have had a good dialogue with Andreas "Xyp9x", who has agreed to help the talent team.

"It tells you everything about Andreas that his first thought is to help the organization where he can and give the talents a chance to learn from Andreas' huge experience, while at the same time, we can give one of the most talented young players the opportunity to get closer to the first team. Andreas is still part of our main roster, and the attitude he shows in a difficult situation is exactly what we are looking for in Astralis."

For his part, Xyp9x said that he was "super disappointed" that the team missed out on the Paris Major, adding that it is "clear we have to look at all options. I know the game and know how I contribute, but I'm also Astralis to the core and will do what it takes to move us forward."

Our first chance to see Altekz in action will come on April 27, when Astralis will be competing in Brazy Party 2023.

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