Arcane wins the Outstanding Animated Program Emmy

The popular Netflix animated series based on Riot Games’ League of Legends just won a deserved Emmy award. Arcane is the first gaming show to achieve such a feat. While Arcane won three Outstanding Individual Achievement In Animation earlier this year, this one was the first Emmy that was won by the series itself, awarded for the sixth episode of the first season.

Arcane had a good reception after its release, praised for its animation, music, script and many other features. It was Riot Games’ first attempt in this area after producing games, music and videos and many short cinematics. Let’s take a look at the details of this achievement.

Arcane is a first

Arcane won the Outstanding Animated Program Emmy for its episode “When These Walls Come Tumbling Down”, which ended Act 2 of the season. Vi and Jinx’s story was loved by not only the League of Legends players but also many casual viewers, hence the success of Arcane.

Arcane defeated famous names like Bob’s Burgers, Rick and Morty, The Simpsons and Marvel’s What If…? to get the Outstanding Animated Program award. It is the first time a streaming-only program has won the award, adding another record to Arcane’s history.

Considering the good responses from critics, fans’ attention and this award which was the first of its kind, Netflix should be really happy about Arcane. While similar projects like Minecraft: Story Mode and Dota: Dragon’s Blood failed to reach the mainstream, Arcane did it in style.

Riot Games introduced in-game events to promote the series to gamers but didn’t forget about real-life experiences. Progress Day, a day that is celebrated in Arcane’s world, was mirrored in our world too, with Riot Games renting places to create real-life events to promote the series which was loved by fans.

You can still watch Arcane on Netflix, it was one of the most-watched series globally when it was first released and still is one of the most successful series produced by the company. It spent six weeks on the Global Top 10 list of Netflix, has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 9,0 on IMDb, sitting in 24th place on the Top 250 TV shows list of the website.

What is happening in the LoL world?

Arcane is getting ready for a second season, but it won’t be released until 2023. If anything, the earliest possible date for a second edition looks like late 2023. But the League of Legends world is alive and well, and if you are attracted by Arcane, maybe you should check out a few other features it offers.

For example, there are new game modes and new events offered by Riot Games in League of Legends that you can complete and earn rewards for it by playing the game and having fun. If you want to dig in a little bit further, the biggest League of Legends tournament of the year is starting at the end of this month.

Worlds 2022 is coming, featuring the best League of Legends teams and players from all around the world, fighting for glory. League of Legends esports is one of the best of its kind, the entertainment it offers and the viewership it gets is already compared to traditional sports like football, basketball, baseball and more.

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