Alliance eliminated from TI9 by iNSaNiA draft misclick

Former HON player, Aydin "iNSaNiA" Sarkohi, has been on the Alliance roster since late 2017 and has helped relaunch the team under the guidance of TI3-winner Loda. As team captain, it falls to iNSaNiA to make the all-important draft selections before the game begins.

In the decisive lower bracket best-of-one first-round match at The International 2019, iNSaNiA made a crucial mistake that cost Alliance the game.

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With limited time, and so much at stake, it appears that Sarkohi failed to make his ban selection before the counter ran out. As a result, instead of banning Gyrocopter he chose it for Alliance.


In a live interview, iNSaNiA explained what happened.

He said: "The reason we didn't ban anything was because the same second the timer ran out I clicked Ban Gyro and we ended up picking it instead.

"I don't know if there's footage from the booth but you can see it on our faces or mine especially. I was so surprised when the Gyro icon popped up as our pick."

This new generation for Alliance has improved steadily over the last two years, resulting in a win at the recently Dota Summit 10, just before TI9 began in Shanghai. This loss and elimination from TI9 will be a crushing blow to the team and players.

Sheever asked for a glimpse of what was going through his mind at the time.

"Most of all you feel very shitty, especially me towards my other four team-mates for what happens with the draft. We do it together but I'm the one clicking the buttons so when that goes wrong I feel that's on me. I mostly feel like I let my team down and all of our fans down."


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