All About 2022 Global StarCraft II League Season 2: Code S

The qualifications for Code S Season 2 finished over the weekend, deciding the twenty players who would join the four seeded players in the tournament's main event.

Let’s refresh our memory a little about how the last season of StarCraft II has ended.

Rogue had completed the impossible task. With his 4-2 victory over Creator in the 37th season of Code S, he has become the second player with four Code S titles, joining Maru among the legends of StarCraft II.

Unlike the most successful Terran in StarCraft II, who won his first premier tournament three years after making his GSL debut, Rogue had to wait more than a decade to raise his first trophy.

Now the top players and superstars of StarCraft II are making a return for the Code S Season 2 2022. 4 top seeded players from the last tournament standings will face off with 20 qualifying contenders.

Code S Season 2 will begin on June 6th, with the first round of 20 participants. Time to delve deeper into Code S Season 2.

Code S Season 2 2022 - RO20 Groups Announced

Over the weekend, the qualifying for Code S Season 2 finished, deciding the twenty players who will join the four seeded players in the tournament's main event.

Notable arrivals include soO, who will make his first Code S appearance after leaving the military, and American Protoss Astrea, who has returned for another term in Korea. Another returning player is KeeN, who got a forfeit win over Dream on the final day of the qualifying due to inexplicable circumstances. Unfortunately, old players must leave in order for new players to enter, therefore there will be no Classic or NightMare this season.

2022 GSL Season 2: Code S Format & Prize Pool

As always, GSL formats vary in shape throughout the season and the prize pool will be: $123,000

  • Group Stage 1:
  • Dual Tournament Format.
  • All matches are Bo3.
  • Top 2 players of each group advance to the Group Stage 2.
  • Group Stage 2:
  • Round Robin Format.
  • All matches are Bo3.
  • Player in 1st place of each group advances to the Playoffs Semifinals.
  • Players in 2nd and 3rd place of each group advance to the Round of 6.
  • Ties are broken in the following order:
  1. Overall match difference
  2. Overall games difference
  3. Head to head
  4. Match wins amassed between the tied participants ('Mini-League')
  5. Map difference between the tied participants ('Mini-League')
  6. Tie breaker match (Bo1)
  7. Coin toss
  • Round of 6:
  • Players in 2nd place play each other and the winner advances to the Playoffs.
  • Players in 3rd place play each other and the loser is eliminated.
  • Loser of "2nd vs 2nd Match" and Winner of "3rd vs 3rd Match" play each other and the winner advances to the Playoffs.
  • All matches are Bo5.
  • Playoffs:
  • Single-elimination bracket.
  • Semifinals matches are Bo5.
  • Finals are Bo7.
  • Seeds:
  • Semifinalists are seeded in the upcoming 2022 GSL Season 3.
  • Winner of the event earns a spot at IEM Katowice 2023.

2022 GSL Season 2: Code S Player List

Via Afreecatv

AfreecaTV have announced the round-of-20 groups where 16 of them managed to get their seeding in the qualifiers beforehand for the upcoming Code S Season 2 tournament. The seeding for the group draws is based on GSL points, GSL's internal point system based only on GSL results.

AfreecaTV have also announced the initial map pool for the tournament:

  • 2000 Atmospheres
  • Berlingrad
  • Blackburn
  • Curious Minds
  • Hardwire
  • Golden Wall
  • Nautilus II

Group A and E’s matches will be brutal according to the tier chart released by afreecatv. Group Stage 1 will begin on June 6th and run until June 20th.

Day 1 Matches

Solar vs GuMiho

Cure vs Solar

herO vs Dream

Zoun vs herO

Astrea vs DongRaeGu

ByuN vs Astrea

RagnaroK vs Prince

Maru vs RagnaroK

Day 2 Matches

Zest vs Ryung

Bunny vs Zest

soO vs Ryung

DongRaeGu vs soO

GuMiho vs Dream

Armani vs Dream

KeeN vs Percival

soO vs Dream

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