After the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 finals: NAVI was s1mply unstoppable

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 has come to an end after NAVI’s amazing performance throughout the whole tournament paid off in the finals. Natus Vincere looked unbeatable, and they were unbeatable as they didn’t give up a single map at a Major. G2 Esports performed well over expectations, but s1mple and his friends were just unstoppable.

You heard me right, NAVI did not take a single loss throughout the whole tournament. After a perfect year for them, they finished 2021 on a high note with this dominant performance. What happened? Let’s take a tour and relive the action.

G2 Esports

2021 didn’t go too well for G2, even after a huge transfer which boosted the hype behind them. They did stay in the top four of many tournaments, but just couldn’t get a win. After those top fours at IEM and BLAST Premier, they were the runners-up of IEM Cologne. Their lowest point came right after that: they couldn’t get a single win at ESL Pro League’s group stage.

Between EPL and PGL Major, they took the third spot at Europe Regional Major Rankings, and secured their place in the Major. Nothing much happened in that period. Then, poof, G2 is back. Crushing everyone over and over again and proving that they are at least the second-best team after NAVI, G2 secured their spot in the finals.

Natus Vincere

Too good, just too good. Ask yourself if they are the best CS:GO team ever, and the answer might just be yes. In any case, s1mple is definitely the GOAT, right? Let’s get to the subject. Instead of telling you how good they were in 2021, I will list you their achievements.

  • BLAST Premier: Global Final - 1st place
  • DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 - 1st place
  • BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2021 - 2nd place
  • StarLadder CIS RMR 2021 - 1st place
  • IEM Cologne - 1st place
  • ESL Pro League Season 14 - 1st place
  • IEM Fall CIS - 2nd place

After such a streak and Intel Grand Slam, they were the favourites here at PGL Major, and they showed that. Heroic,, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Team Vitality and Gambit Esports. They couldn’t get a single map away from Natus Vincere. NAVI was just unstoppable. It’s ineffable. You have to watch them in order to understand how dominant they are and how good they are in this game. They definitely had the advantage against G2 Esports, just because of this streak.

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PGL Major Stockholm 2021 finals

The games were played on Ancient and Nuke, and the decider would be Mirage but they didn’t need it. s1mple had 72 kills overall in two maps, which was 19 more than his closest teammate and 20 more than the closest G2 player. In any case, G2 did not look very good during Ancient. Even though they did take rounds and AmaNEk, NiKo and nexa had some good plays, it wasn’t enough, NAVI was just bullying them, 16-11 was a good score for sure.

The second map witnessed a better fight. On Nuke, NAVI did not give up this time. After losing the first half 10-5, NAVI turned it back around with 5-10 and sent it to overtime. In there, NiKo and huNter- finding 33 kills was not enough because that monster, that incredible monster s1mple found 40 of them in a single map. Needless to say, NAVI won the amazing eleven-round long overtime and finished this enjoyable final game.

The PGL Major in numbers

  • PGL Major Stockholm 2021 had over 2,74 million viewers at some point according to Esports Charts, making it a new record for a CS:GO tournament. The previous record was 1,33 million viewers.
  • CS:GO also set a new record on Twitch during the finals, exceeding 2 million people according to Esports Charts.
  • NAVI had 0 losses and 10 wins throughout the tournament.
  • s1mple had a K/D of 1.74 at PGL Major Stockholm 2021 with a K-D diff of +106.
  • His closest rival was G2’s NiKo, who had 1.35 K/D.
  • Copenhagen Flames in their 1st Major showed one of the best performances in the tournament, having a positive K-D diff in 9 maps, although they were eliminated in the Legends stage.

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