A look at LEC 2022 Spring Season

Europe’s major League of Legends tournament LEC is coming back on January 14, 2022. Last year, we saw the more humble MAD Lions roster dominate the league both seasons, while super teams like G2 Esports couldn’t even qualify for Worlds. However, EU disappointed their fans at Worlds, with MAD being eliminated in the quarterfinals, after being the last man standing for LEC. Thus, we will see a much more different LEC in 2022 than 2021. Let’s see what we know about LEC’s future.

During the offseason, some of the best LEC players left the league to join NA, while some came back to EU from NA. Additionally, a brand new organization joined the league, Team BDS, to fill the slot they bought from Schalke 04 Esports, who left the league and decided to continue in the European regional leagues.

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LEC format and teams

In 2022, no clear changes to LEC’s format will be made. The format you are familiar with will continue: ten teams participating in a double round robin, the matches are best of one and the six best teams will advance to the playoffs. The regular season of LEC 2022 Spring Season will start on January 14 and is expected to end around March.

Although not all the rosters are announced currently, you can find the latest information about the participants below:

The defending champions MAD Lions with two changes to their roster. Instead of Humanoid and Carzzy, they will include two players from ERLs.

One of the most successful teams in Europe’s history, G2 Esports. Two ERL players and Broken Blade are added to Jankos and Caps.

An ineradicable part of LEC, Fnatic. Keeping their bot lane, Fnatic brought in Wunder, Razork and Humanoid.

Team Vitality, with their new supertam which includes Alphari, Selfmade, Perkz, Carzzy and Labrov.

Team BDS, the newest addition to LEC. They brought GrabbZ in from G2 Esports, and according to the rumors, they will bring Adam from Fnatic.

Rogue, one of the best teams in 2021, disbanded its roster other than superstar mid laner Larssen, including Inspired. They will put a new roster together.

EXCEL brought Finn, Astralis brought Kobbe and SK Gaming and Misfits haven’t done anything until now. We will have to wait for their announcements, to see if they are capable of fighting for that playoffs spot.

LEC 2022 Spring comments

Image via Riot Games

Once again, we are seeing LEC teams go through a rebuilding phase. 2021 was a year which elevated the prices, and this led to some players not being able to find new teams for them. Mikyx and Nisqy couldn’t  find a suitable place for themselves in LEC or LCS which would also pay for their buyouts, and Rekkles joined Karmine Corp in LFL, a European regional league.

After this financial change, there seems to be four championship contenders in LEC: Team Vitality, MAD Lions, Fnatic and G2 Esports. However, all four have changed their rosters, and one thing is for sure: they are gambling. G2 brought a solid top laner, but their bot comes from ERL. Fnatic will have to work the synergy between Razork and Humanoid. Vitality has the burden of making a superteam work, which G2 failed last year. MAD Lions have the burden of being the defending champions, and they’ve lost two of their main components.

In any case, LEC offers a lot this year, and you should definitely jump in on the action in January. And, when you decide you want to bet on your favourites, you can always visit Luckbox’s LoL matches page to find the betting odds and bet on them.