A feast for CS:GO: IEM Katowice 2022 is coming

IEM Katowice 2022 starts on February 15 with much anticipation. As the tournament approaches, we've compiled everything you need to know about it in this article.

IEM Katowice 2022 format

IEM Katowice 2022 will kick off with its Play-in Stage on February 15. During this stage, the matches will be played in a double-elimination bracket. The opening matches will be Bo1 while all other matches will be Bo3. The top eight teams will advance to the Group Stage.

The group stage will start on February 17 without slowing down. There will be two double-elimination format groups. There will be eight teams in each group. The matches will be played Bo3. The top three teams of the groups will advance to the playoffs. The group winners will start from the semi-finals. Group runners-up will start as high seeds in the quarterfinals, and third place will start as low seeds.

On February 25, the playoffs will begin. Quarterfinals and semifinals of the playoffs that will be played in the single elimination bracket will be Bo3. In the grand final, we will watch a Bo5 match.

IEM Katowice 2022 participants

Directly qualified teams

  • Natus Vincere (Road to Katowice EU #1)
  • Gambit Esports (Road to Katowice EU #2)
  • G2 Esports (Road to Katowice EU #3)
  • Team Vitality (Road to Katowice EU #4)
  • Heroic (Road to Katowice EU #5)
  • Virtus.pro (Road to Katowice EU #6)
  • FURIA Esports (Road to Katowice NA #1)
  • Team Liquid (Road to Katowice NA #2)

Play-In Teams

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas (Road to Katowice EU #7)
  • Astralis (Road to Katowice EU #8)
  • FaZe Clan (Road to Katowice EU #9)
  • GODSENT (Road to Katowice NA #3)
  • Complexity (Road to Katowice NA #4)
  • MIBR (Road to Katowice SA #1)
  • Renegades (Road to Katowice OCE #1)
  • BIG (ESL World Ranking)
  • Entropiq (ESL World Ranking)
  • OG (ESL World Ranking)
  • CPH Flames (ESL World Ranking)
  • Fnatic (ESL World Ranking)
  • ENCE (ESL World Ranking)
  • MOUZ (ESL World Ranking)
  • Wisła Kraków (Mistrzostwa Polski)
  • Sprout (Replacement Invite)

We will undoubtedly witness magnificent moments with IEM Katowice 2022, where the world's leading teams take part.

Prize pool

Place USD Pro Tour Points BLAST Premier Points
1st $400,000 1800 points 3200 points
2nd $180,000 1400 points 1600 points
3rd-4th $80,000 1100 points 1000 points
5th-6th $40,000 825 points 300 points
7th-8th $24,000 575 points 300 points
9th-12th $16,000 325 points -
13th-16th $10,000 125 points -
17th-20th $4,500 60 points -
21st-24th $2,500 - -


One of the most popular CS:GO tournaments, IEM Katowice 2022 is approaching. Are you ready for it? Which one is your favourite team at IEM Katowice 2022?

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