A co-op date game for lovers: With You is free on Steam

Looking for a game to play with your significant other any time soon? With You has got you covered. In the comfort of your house, you can play this cute co-op game with your better half, and not have to worry about getting into fights over “who is the better gamer” debate.

This free co-op game makes you play differently shaped cyclops, and then you try to line up your shape with a matching outline. This is a game which aims at making romantic couples have a great fun time without trying to be competitive at all.

Where can I get With You?

You can obtain With You from Steam or itch.io, totally free of cost. It was a solo student project, so it really is a short game, but if you wonder what you can do with your giant PC in your man cave with your girlfriend, (and vice versa) you should totally check out the game.

If you are interested, let me tell you a little bit more about With You. Gamer couples already know other games that they can play with each other. Playing League of Legends or CS:GO when both of you are highly competitive might damage your relationship, so most of the time, you pass those if you just want to have a good time.

However, even playing games like Overcooked 2 which aims to be fun can be quite a struggle too. Playful teasing could easily turn into yelling at each other because your significant other wasn’t able to send you those sushi ingredients for the seventh time. However, you don’t have to worry about any of that playing With You.

Just like I said: both of you are a cyclops, you can move up and down, rotate your head, boost each other, have fun and if you like teasing, With You obviously covers that too, but that’s just it. It’s a cute short game to play and it won’t be more than just a nice fun memory with your loved one.

How to play With You?

After you download the game, it will automatically start. You will use WASD and the arrow keys to make your cyclops move. Crash with each other, go under each other, use the land formations. And if you want to tell the world that you don’t need anyone to celebrate Valentine’s Day, play both characters yourself! Who cares? With You is just about having fun and nothing else.

When you get yourself in the shape that the game wants you, stay inside that shape for a little bit, and when both of you do that, you are ready to move on to the next level. It won’t take much time, but having fun while figuring out how to change the shapes will surely be the highlight of your day.

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