7.32c patch comes to Dota 2 before The International 11 LCQ

In less than two weeks, the Last Chance Qualifiers for The International 11 will be played. The 7.32c patch will be the patch where both LCQ and The International 11 itself will be played.

In general, a final balance patch comes before each The International. For The International 11, it will be 7.32c. You can check out all the changes here. The most important feature of the patch is the nerfing of heroes that are considered to be strong in The International 11 qualifiers. In total, 51 heroes have changed. Let's take a look at the important ones together.

Item changes

Changes have been made to two of the purchasable items. Changes were made to the Bloodstone and Refresher Orb, while the Refresher Shard has also been changed based on the connection with the Refresher Orb.

Credit: Valve

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Hero changes


With the nerfs coming to Chen, Chen's strength will decrease starting from the laning phase.

Credit: Valve


With the nerf coming to Dawnbreaker, it may be preferable to play Dawnbreaker as a healing support now.

Credit: Valve

Death Prophet

Death Prophet was the second most popular hero of The International 11 qualifiers. It was also preferred for every role except position one. With the nerf to three of the four skills, Death Prophet's pick rate may drop drastically.

Credit: Valve


At The International 11, Enigma had a contest rate of 90% and a win rate of over 60%. In short, Enigma was one of the strongest heroes of the 7.32 meta. Despite the incoming nerfs, we can see Enigma being picked in The International 11.

Credit: Valve

Faceless Void

Faceless Void had a 67% win rate in The International 11 qualifiers. No other carry came close to its contest or win rate. With these numbers, a major nerf was inevitable.

Credit: Valve


Here is the most preferred hero of The International 11 qualifiers. The nerfs were pretty obvious for this reason.

Credit: Valve


Undying's use of Tombstone in teamfights could change the fate of teamfight quite a lot. Also, the Decay ability has received a nerf that increases its mana cost.

Credit: Valve


Visage had a win rate of exactly 69.05% in The International 11 qualifiers and was in first place in terms of win rate. With the 7.32c patch, its flight will be restricted. It’s also getting some nerfs to its other abilities.

Credit: Valve

In general, we have compiled the most important changes for you. The International 11's Last Chance Qualifier starts very soon. With the new patch, it is a matter of curiosity what will change in the preferences of esports players. Let’s find out together.