7.21 patch: Community wish list for Dota 2 new update

Whenever a new Dota 2 update is promised, the community gets excited and, after Valve announced the 7.21 patch was on its way.

Valve tweeted on January 25 that the 7.21 release date would be "next week", which would mean it should be released at any time now.

UPDATE: Valve released 7.21 patch and other big changes

The 7.20 was significant and caused a big stir among Dota 2 fans, so what are they wishing for from 7.21?

7.21 patch wishes

Fans posted what they hope to see in the 7.21 patch on Twitter and we asked members of our Discord community for their wish list.

Kio said: "Dota+ update and a gangking / roaming meta. Weaker protection from towers. I like the encouragement of teamfights that 7.20 introduced, but it's just going too far."

Yohko5208 said: "This one is not about gameplay but I'd like them to find a way to properly punish smurfs, boosters and game-ruiners."

Riley said: "Tag team nerf, Vlads nerf, Storm and Ember buff, new Aghanim and Ring of Aquila back."

Ingo Ignores Ingot said: "Make the jungle more active for offlaners to come out early and reintroduce Iron Talon."

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