Underrated but never outgunned: 5 CSGO players who deserve more credit

While hot young talents are always the thing fans want to know about, there is an argument for saying we have more talent in CSGO now than at any time in the game's history.

As is often the case, some of that talent is overrated, while others have more potential and skill than some are aware of, making them prime candidates for this list. So settle in, have a read, and get ready to tell us why we're wrong about five players who don't get enough credit.


TACO | Team Liquid

It’s tough to argue a player with as much success and experience, who is currently on one of the world’s three best teams and in no danger of being cut, is underrated, but TACO might be the exception that proves the rule.

When SK Gaming cut him there were rumbles that not everyone thought it was the wisest move and, since his departure from now-MIBR, they have looked like a team desperately needing to fill a TACO-shaped hole.

His skillset means he is one of the most unique and valuable players in world CS

Sadly, they can’t just nip to the drive-through like the average American and have to watch as their old mate is the most consistent member of Liquid, alongside Twistzz, doing all the jobs that Stewie and Tarik are struggling with.

Even today the value of TACO seems to be underrated, when his skillset means he is one of the most unique and valuable players in world CS.


Nifty | Team EnVyUs

There probably aren’t many who know much about Nifty but the kid is talented in a different way to most CSGO pros, having also played Call of Duty at a very high level.

This means he has all the skill you’d need, as well as being hardened in the most toxic and competitive crucible of them all, console FPS games, where everyone "knows" your mum and there are no limits on the abuse you endure.

There is a chance Nifty can be the player so many NA teams need

His time in Renegades as an in-game leader wasn’t what you’d call an unqualified success, but if he can get away from calling and back to just zoombanging, there is a chance Nifty can be the player so many NA teams need.

Right now, there is a dearth of AWP talent in that part of the world and a good six months going forward could see Nifty put himself at the front of the line next time a shuffle occurs.

Criticisms of his consistency with the gun are valid but ignore the fact he was trying to do two jobs at the same time, which is never easy when you have the most important gun in the game on your shoulder.


Valde | North

The quality of Valde’s play and in-game decision-making was plain for all to see when he joined North but the dramatic decline in that team has meant Valde’s class has rather flown under the radar in recent months.

The financial strength of his team means it is hard to see him moving for a small amount, but his ability to adapt and read what his team needs - as well as deliver it - means he could be a sleeper in the list of best possible pickups for the likes of FaZe.

Valde might be the actual crown jewel of the North roster

Again, fans and his peers are aware of Valde’s class, but he could be one move away from being top five in the world, a la electronic.

It seems unlikely that will happen soon, as North aren’t going to let their best player go again, surely…Magisk and k0nfig aside though, Valde might be the actual crown jewel of the North roster, and surely is "educated" enough already to play on any team in the world.


Bodyy | G2 Esports

Since his move to G2 esports, it’s been clear than the public do not believe Alexandre ‘bodyy’ Pianaro deserves a place at that level of play, but it’s always been a compromised situation for the young Frenchman.

Initially, he was seen as shox’s man, as the then-IGL went to bat for his young friend in a team that was rapidly declining due to internal issues, before becoming part of the latest G2 team, led by Ex6TenZ and featuring Smithzz.

He could be a breakout player of 2019

In such an environment bodyy was never going to thrive, but he still has the skillset and crucially the mindset to achieve at the highest level.

His positional play and understanding of certain bomb sites is already top tier and, if he finds himself in a functional team where the others can actually all get kills, he could be a breakout player of 2019 and prove himself far more than just another body.


Edward | Natus Vincere

Now, this is not going to be the most popular choice, but this is a list of underrated players and there can be few in the top division who get as much stick as Edward does right now.

Considered by many a dead weight in his team, criticised for dying with utility and damned with the faint praise of ‘trading well’, Edward has been on the Na’Vi chopping block for months in the eyes of many talking heads.

He’s rated by those who play with him

Meanwhile, the likes of s1mple, electronic and Zeus are all happy to have him in the team, not just for his contribution with the guns and nades but also the intangibles he brings to the roster in terms of chemistry and morale.

We might be proven wrong tomorrow if they cut him and bring in Adren from Gambit but, even if that happens, it’s fair to say few players have enjoyed as much success as Edward while getting so little credit and that he’s rated by those who play with him, far higher than he is by those who just watch him play.