5 New Steam Games of the week (April 22 - 2022)

We all need a break from competitive multiplayer games now and then, sit back and enjoy something different and despite the popularity of competitive games, single-player games will always be at the core of video gaming culture. Here’s a fresh list of recently dropped games that you can buy on Steam, picked among various genres.

Turbo Overkill

Not exactly sure that you missed it because it’s just released today. But you will probably miss it and no one ought to miss out on a game that puts an electric chainsaw on your legs, which then you can slide under the enemies and mutilate them at whim.

Turbo Overkill is a stylish cyberpunk action shooter that just dropped an early access, but it already feels like a full game. It offers the fast paced action of DooM, and the running of, well, the Ghostrunner.

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Release:‌ April 22, 2022
Developer:‌ Trigger Happy Interactive
Launch price:‌ (Will be announced today)

Samurai Bringer

A roguelike action game with incredible aesthetics and very weird controls. Samurai Bringer is a roguelite action game with levels that change with each playtime in which you must slaughter armies of Samurai and Demons in order to gain combat skills and perfect your fighting style in order to slay Yamata-no-Orochi, the eight-headed dragon of Japanese legend.

Furthermore, you may use Battle Techniques to construct your own loadouts and combat style. From spinning slashes to fire attacks and even combinations to connect your attacks together and what’s interesting about the game is you customise your character by REBINDING keys. Pretty interesting eh? Go try it out.

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Release:‌ April 21, 2022
Developer:‌ ALPHAWING Inc.
Launch price:‌ $9.99


Tuxedo Labs has done an excellent job of allowing you to freely cut about a riverside town and an urban retail centre. Game has over the course of its early access and mod support, transformed from a pleasant curiosity to a suitable successor to the ultimate physics sandbox Garry's Mod.

It is in its essence a game about heists where you tear down environments to get to your objective. And developer Dennis Gustaffson's voxel destruction technology is nothing short of incredible.

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Release:‌ April 21, 2022
Developer:‌ Tuxedo Labs
Launch price:‌ $19.99 / £18.49


Warpips is the offspring of Command and Conquer and Nexus Wars, composed of tanks and napalm. In the words of its creators, "loosen the engine of battle and behold the pandemonium of physics-based fighting."

It’s a retake on the old school tug-of-war strategy genre. Where one side tries to push the other side with the right amount of infantry, tanks and other units combined, with tech research into the mix. Looks fun indeed.

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Release:‌ April 21, 2022
Developer:‌ Skirmish Mode Games
Launch price:‌ $4.79


Terraformers, unlike other Mars-themed games, focuses on expansion, resource growth, and careful space management rather than survival. Terraformers looks to be a simple game on the surface, but it includes a surprising amount of strategic depth that necessitates regular reconsideration of your resource management methods, short-term strategies, and long-term aspirations.

Terraformers appears to be the star of the complicated colony management sim genre.

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Release:‌ April 21, 2022
Developer:‌ Asteroid Lab
Launch price:‌ $17.99