4 things you can do if you are losing the lane in LoL

It's not written anywhere that you can win every single game you play in LoL. Counter picks, toxic teammates and stronger opponents can all affect your game. But it is definitely in your hands to change the situation in the game by playing smart.

We have four important points for you to follow if you are having trouble with your lane and need to stock up quickly. Follow the steps and put your GG on the /all.

1. Don't push the lane

One of the biggest mistakes underperforming players make is to clear their lanes as quickly as possible. This can lead to the opposing jungler having a perfect position for a gank in your corridor. Your teammates might get a little annoyed at this situation because of this.

If your opponent is stronger and somehow has more points than you, you should simply play near your tower. This way, your corridor is safe enough for ganks and your opponent will not risk attacking you when minions are around. Give the minions final blows, set totems and follow the map.

2. Ask for a gank

A jungler's job is precisely to help others in their gears so that their teammates can become stronger. If you follow step 1, your Jungler will have enough space to gank your lane, thus securing yourself a few points by defeating the enemy.

Once your Jungler is close enough to your lane, you can try to bait your enemy into attacking you. Your jungler will do the rest and you will get closer to your enemy in the lane. You can call your Jungler until you have enough power and items to deal with your enemy alone.

3. Help other corridors

If you cannot score on your lane, you can try to go to other lanes and gank. Before leaving your lane, make sure you have pushed enough so that your sneak loss is minimal. You can also ask your jungler to stay in your lane.

If any of the other corridors in the game is dominated by your team, these are usually the best places for weak players. You should always keep an eye on the map and contact your teammates. As soon as you get the signal to gank, make your move and take a step forward.

4. Pick items carefully

Most LoL players follow a basic item set for their hero when collecting items and use the same set for every game they play. If you are weaker than your opponent, you should not follow this pattern.

Depending on your opponent, you can choose an ideal item set for your hero. For example, if your opponent inflicts a lot of AD on you and you are an AP hero, you can choose items that provide AP and life points. This way, your opponent will not be able to inflict as much damage on you as before.

Bonus: Hero selection

If you feel that you keep losing your lane in the game, you may be making mistakes in selecting your hero. For the upper lane, you can select strong heroes with whom you will have almost no problems, such as Darius.

For the mid-lane, we recommend that you always follow the meta heroes and try to stay with the heroes on the meta. If you play in the bot lane, it's best to find a pre-mate and always stay in contact with them.

The best thing you can do to improve your game in LoL is to watch pro players. If you are also interested in betting, you can add to your enjoyment by betting with Luckbox.