2022 LPL Summer Week 2 schedule and betting odds

China's LPL 2022 Summer started last week and the first matches have been played. Apart from Royal Never Give Up, every single one of the teams showed up and proved their strength. There are several great teams and so few Worlds slots and every single win counts.

After such an exciting spring season and the MSI 2022 championship, the LPL 2022 Summer started in incredible fashion. Last season's strong teams, EDward Gaming, LNG Esports, JD Gaming, Victory Five, Top Esports and Weibo Gaming, have already picked up some wins and will try to grab one of the Worlds 2022 slots by finding good form.

Week one recap

Weibo Gaming against Invictus Gaming opened the LPL 2022 Summer. A 1-8-1 Kayle performance from TheShy saw iG win a game, but Weibo won the series with an overall strong performance. EDG also struggled against FPX, losing a game, but Viper and Meiko took matters into their own hands in the final game to secure the win.

Betty's Anyone's Legend easily defeated iBoy's Rare Atom 2-0 the next day. Top Esports against JD Gaming followed and it was an incredible game, with Kanavi and Yagao winning the first game with 8-0-4 Wukong and 6-0-2 LeBlanc, and Tian and Ritter answering them in the second game with 5-2-11 Viego and 4-0-10 Lissandra. Finally, JDG smashed TES's bot lane to win the last game. JackeyLove and Mark were 0-7-3 and 0-8-3 down when the game ended in favour of their rivals.

Zoom's Ultra Prime faced Oh My God and outclassed them 2-0 with ease. LNG Esports against Bilibili Gaming ended the week. Doinb won the first game only to be outclassed by BLG's ADC Doggo in the next game. The deciding game was played to perfection by LNG Esports to clinch the 2-1 win.

Week two started on Monday with iG surprising FPX and beating them 2-0 in a quick series, and EDG beating Weibo Gaming in a series that saw TheShy play Anivia top. Both games were close, but EDG was able to capitalise on small advantages to get the win.

JDG was surprised by LGD Gaming's fast pace of play in the first game, but they quickly found an answer and finished the second game in 24 minutes. Kanavi and 369 also played the third game perfectly and brought home the 2-1 win. TES dominated Team WE in a series where knight and JackeyLove played perfectly, as expected from them.

LNG won their second game of the season against Anyone's Legend 2-0, Light and Iwandy played perfectly and stopped Betty from being a hindrance. Victory Five played their first game against ThunderTalk Gaming as the latter managed to keep the games close, but V5 somehow won, even without Rookie who is in quarantine.

Week two schedule

Check out the schedule for the next week below:

June 16, Thursday
Rare Atom (1.80) vs Oh My God (1.90) - 11:00 CEST
Ultra Prime (2.70) vs Bilibili Gaming (1.40) - 13:00 CEST

June 17, Friday
EDward Gaming (1.72) vs JD Gaming (2.00) - 11:00 CEST
Royal Never Give Up (1.13) vs FunPlus Phoenix (5.30) - 13:00 CEST

June 18, Saturday
LGD Gaming (6.08) vs Victory Five (1.08) - 08:45 CEST
Top Esports (1.12) vs Invictus Gaming (5.30) - 11:00 CEST
Team WE (3.20) vs Weibo Gaming (1.30) - 13:00 CEST

June 19, Sunday
Anyone’s Legend (4.00) vs Bilibili Gaming (1.20) - 11:00 CEST
LNG Esports (1.15) vs ThunderTalk Gaming (4.80) - 13:00 CEST

We will mainly be waiting for Friday when EDward Gaming takes on JD Gaming to decide which of the two is stronger. RNG will also play its first game of the season against FPX, a mediocre opponent with significant potential.

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