2022 LPL Summer Season kicks off this weekend

The best League of Legends league in the world is back, with the LPL 2022 summer season kicking off on June 10. China has the last three international trophies in its showcase, with Royal Never Give Up winning MSI 2022 most recently. The LPL 2022 Summer will determine the teams that will represent the region at Worlds 2022, and the LPL champion will definitely be a favourite there.

LPL 2022 Summer will see a ten-week regular season followed by the ten-team playoffs. So it's safe to say that the LPL is an incredibly long marathon. At the end, one team is crowned champion and receives $300,000 in Chinese yuan. If you are wondering what's changed in the offseason and what the LPL schedule will look like, you have come to the right place.

LPL 2022 Summer updates

Let's take a quick look at the major changes during the offseason:

LPL 2022 Spring and MSI 2022 champions Royal Never Give Up left the offseason with an unexpected change. By swapping Bin with Breathe from Bilibili Gaming, RNG surprised its fans after such a victorious spring season. Bilibili Gaming also officially announced the departure of the legendary ADC player Uzi.

Taiwanese star Maple has left Anyone's Legend and will be replaced by academy mid laner Harder. Korean mid laner gori left FunPlus Phoenix to join PSG Talon. He will also be replaced by academy mid laner Care. After spending most of the spring season as a substitute top laner and losing his starting spot to Wayward, Zoom left Top Esports to join Ultra Prime.

Korean top laner Hoya from DWG KIA and young Chinese top laner Xiaoxiang from EDG joined ThunderTalk Gaming. In addition, there were other changes such as promotions from academy rosters, but these are the ones that deserve to be mentioned.

The LPL 2022 Summer starts on June 10 and will run until August 14. After the first week, we will see 14 to 15 matches each week and then the playoffs will begin. The dates for the LPL 2022 Summer playoffs are not yet known, but they will follow the same format as always. This will be followed by a regional final to determine China's third and fourth place.

LPL 2022 Summer first week schedule and betting odds

Check out the schedule for the first week below:

Friday, June 10
Invictus Gaming (3.80) vs Weibo Gaming (1.22) - 10:45 CEST
EDward Gaming (1.26) vs FunPlus Phoenix (3.50) - 13:00 CEST

Saturday, June 11
Anyone’s Legend (2.35) vs Rare Atom (1.52) - 10:45 CEST
JD Gaming (2.35) vs Top Esports (1.52) - 13:00 CEST

Sunday, June 12
Ultra Prime (1.85) vs Oh My God (1.88) - 10:45 CEST
LNG Esports (1.68) vs Bilibili Gaming (2.05) - 13:00 CEST

The first week will start with an important match: EDG vs FPX. After losing gori, it will be interesting to see if FPX can still compete with one of the best teams in the league. JDG will face TES, two teams that started slowly but were favourites for the playoffs at the end of last season.

LNG Esports against Bilibili Gaming will close the first week. It's a great match-up as both teams were strong contenders for the championship last season. We will also find out how the arrival of Bin and the departure of Breathe will affect BLG as the match against LNG will be a major challenge for them.

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