2022 LPL Summer Playoffs grand final is on the horizon

The marathon is coming to an end as only two series remain before the LPL 2022 Summer Playoffs are over. Out of the four Worlds 2022 tickets, two of them will be awarded through the LPL playoffs, and things got even more complicated after JD Gaming’s defeat over Top Esports. That result meant that spring champion RNG will have to go through the regional qualifier.

From LNG Esports’ miracle run to JD Gaming’s dominating performance, LPL 2022 Summer Playoffs has been one of the playoffs brackets that will be remembered for years to come. Let’s see what happened in the playoffs and what waits for us this weekend, and on Thursday.

LPL playoffs on fire

Due to its unique format, LPL playoffs always offer entertaining matches. However, this one was something different. Right at the beginning of the bracket, we have seen Oh My God force FunPlus Phoenix to five matches, and Bilibili Gaming getting eliminated by LNG Esports.

While OMG was a surprise addition to the LPL playoffs this season, their performance was a joy to watch, and the fact that they survived so long against FPX proves that it wasn’t pure luck. We will definitely see rookie of the season shanji in a championship contender team the following year.

On the other hand, LNG Esports’ miracle run was a lot more interesting. After a deserved victory against Bilibili which ended Bin’s 2022 early, LNG managed to kick TheShy and SofM out of the playoffs as well, and faced Rookie’s Victory Five. While the superstars of both teams, Rookie and Doinb performed as they always do, the “supporting actors” decided the fate of the series. Light and Ale played better in the fifth game, and LNG kicked out V5.

On the other side of the bracket, EDward Gaming pulled another upset. Aside from one game that was carried by Breathe’s incredible Fiora, EDG proved that Scout and Viper were alive and they are still aiming for the top. Xiaohu and GALA definitely choked, and they will have to improve their performance if they want to get to Worlds 2022. The MSI champion looked very vulnerable against the Worlds 2021 champion.

While LNG Esports was dominated by JDG quickly with a 3-0 score, EDward Gaming managed to survive against Top Esports longer. JDG quickly analyzed and broke LNG Esports’ game plan which revolved around Doinb being the supporting actor. EDG however, managed to force their own game plan against Top Esports which led to them stealing two games away. At 2-1, knight went into god mode and took TES to the next round.

LNG Esports decided to change the main plan halfway through the series against EDG, putting Doinb on Sylas and Tarzan on Sejuani in the second game and tied it 1-1. However, Tarzan was utterly outplayed by Jiejie in the next two games and EDG found the 3-1 victory by putting pressure on the superstar jungler. LNG’s journey will continue in regional qualifiers.

One of the best best-of-five series in 2022 was played between JD Gaming and Top Esports in the winner bracket final. Similar champions and similar gameplans were in motion, JDG and TES looked like the different sides of the same coin. When JackeyLove played a more than 90,000 damage 15-2-4 Zeri in the second game of the series, we considered it was over.

JDG refused to die on this hill. They decided to tune down JL and Mark’s laning a bit, instead of just focusing on the top side of the TES. This gave them two challenging but deserved victories in a row. JackeyLove couldn’t get the early advantages he needed to carry the game in the fifth game either, resulting in a reverse sweep, marked by Kanavi’s Baron Nashor steal. JDG and TES will be favourites for Worlds 2022: you must watch this series.

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LPL remaining schedule

Two series are left, check out the schedule:

Sunday, August 28
Top Esports vs EDward Gaming - 11:00 CEST

Thursday, September 1
JD Gaming vs TES/EDG - 11:00 CEST

Considering they defeated EDG very recently in a best-of-five series and they have been the better team all 2022 long, Top Esports is a natural favourite for this match. They can decide to play winning matchups on all roles if they want, the team is skilled and hungry for victory. Plus, they have Tian, knight and JackeyLove, it should be a win for them.

However, EDward Gaming claimed the role of the dark horse for LPL 2022 Summer Playoffs. The classic summer season buff for EDG is active, and combined with deadly players like Scout and Viper, EDG is one of the most fearful teams in the world right now. They just needed a bit of a tempo and they found it, even if they lost the series against TES. They are looking for revenge, and I think they can pull the upset this time.