2022 LEC Summer Playoffs are starting

After a two-week hiatus, LEC will continue with the playoffs phase where the champion will be crowned. While G2 Esports already secured their ticket to Worlds 2022, the rest of the teams will have to secure a good finish to get one of the three remaining slots at Worlds. Let’s take a look at what is waiting for us.,

Because LEC awards all Worlds tickets through the playoffs, teams have to do or die here to make it to the tournament in the United States. Finishing in the top two places will get you to the main event directly, but a top four finish will be enough to take a team to the Worlds 2022 Play-In stage held in Mexico.

LEC 2022 Summer Playoffs schedule and predictions

Check out the schedule of the first weekend at LEC 2022 Summer Playoffs:

August 26, Friday
Rogue (1.98) vs MAD Lions (1.75) - 18:00 CEST

August 27, Saturday
G2 Esports (1.15) vs Misfits Gaming (4.80) - 17:00 CEST

August 28, Sunday
Fnatic (1.68) vs Excel Esports (2.05) - 17:00 CEST

After a long and exciting super week, these six teams made it to the playoffs with tie breakers and unbelievable matches. While Rogue, MAD Lions, G2 Esports and Misfits Gaming start in the upper bracket, which grants them the ability to lose one game before the grand final, Fnatic and Excel will have to pull a miracle run without any defeats.

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Rogue vs MAD Lions

We will witness the two teams that constantly aimed for the top during the last few years in the LEC. Although MAD Lions finished the summer season in a better position, Rogue’s combined success in both 2022 seasons helped them get the side selection advantage over MAD Lions.

After they replaced Reeker with Nisqy, MAD Lions’ performance significantly improved as expected. While Reeker was obviously the weakest link in the team, Nisqy was one of the best Western mid laners in 2021 and it was a shame that he couldn’t find a team in the spring season due to a high buyout price. With Nisqy, MAD Lions is so similar to the team that we saw dominate 2021.

Rogue is headed to this game to finally break the curse and make something happen after the regular season. Their playoff weakness caused them to lose several championships. However, playing against MAD Lions will not be the best start for them: MAD looks like a better team overall and should defeat Rogue, even if it’s going to be a close one.

G2 Esports vs Misfits Gaming

G2 Esports finished the regular season first place and managed to enter the LEC playoffs in the best way possible. Although the season did not go perfect for them, they were able to show up when it mattered and already secured a Worlds 2022 ticket, and will head to the playoffs without any pressure.

Misfits Gaming on the other hand sold their LEC slot, and this will be their last dance in the LEC. The team started this season in the worst way possible but managed to work their way up to the top. Still, they are no match for G2 Esports when it comes to a best of five and fighting for the championship.

If G2 Esports doesn’t decide to drop to the lower bracket and kick Fnatic out of Worlds 2022 themselves, they should be able to move on to the semi-finals.

Fnatic vs Excel Esports

Two disappointing teams of the LEC 2022 Summer Season will face each other in the lower bracket. With their super team, Fnatic should have been one of the championship favourites, but internal problems made the team into one of the biggest disappointments we saw in recent years, similar to G2 Esports in 2021.

Excel Esports however was one of the mediocre teams of the spring season and their incredible improvement in summer impressed every single one of us. However, their performance dropped significantly and they are lucky to have made it here.

Although it should be a close one, Excel should take down Fnatic considering their performances during the regular season. However, neither of these two are championship material and it is very unlikely for them to challenge the top teams for a Worlds 2022 ticket.