2022 LCS Summer Week 7 update, schedule and betting odds

Only two weeks are left before the end of the LCS Summer regular season and nothing is certain. Besides Evil Geniuses and 100 Thieves who lead the league and have secured the playoffs spot, all the others will have to fight hard to get a good starting place in the playoffs. Let’s take a look at what is happening in North America.

Although 100 Thieves recently defeated them, EG continues their incredible form and leads the league. 100 comes right after them and is ready to strike if EG makes a mistake. Cloud9, CLG, Team Liquid and FlyQuest are on a lower level, fighting for places between themselves. With four wins, Golden Guardians and TSM have the advantage for the last two spots, challenged by Immortals and Dignitas.

LCS Week 6 recap

Cloud9 started the sixth week with a valuable win over FlyQuest, taking their enemies down in 27 minutes with 19-8. With this victory, C9 secured an advantage over a direct opponent in the playoffs race. 100 Thieves showed the difference in quality against Dignitas, giving Hoon a woeful debut with 0-6-1.

Team Liquid kept TSM at the bottom of the league following a strong performance from former TSM legend Bjergsen. Maple wasn't able to keep TSM alive as Instinct was 0-6-1 in the end. CLG’s playoffs run continued against Golden Guardians, taking them down and securing a significant win in the playoffs race.

EG’s opponent was Immortals, a team that’s way behind in the league table. However, playing around their strengths, IMT was able to take it to 47 minutes and 18-15. Even though Impact was 1-8-4 on Gwen, EG managed to take the win, but IMT didn’t make it easy at all. The next day started with a TSM victory over GG, which pretty much secured the #7-8 playoffs start for Maple and his friends.

Led by Inspired’s strong (nerfed) Wukong performance, Evil Geniuses won a quick one against FlyQuest and moved on with a 2-0 week. Following that, Cloud9 won the match of the week, taking down their rival Team Liquid 16-10 in 38 minutes. Hans sama and CoreJJ were ineffective with Kog’Maw - Lulu while Berserker brought the win to C9’s side with an 8-0-6 Kalista.

Although it was a quite one with 7-6 overall score, 100 Thieves were able to take down Immortals quickly. CLG closed the week with another fast one over Dignitas. Although DIG tried to answer, Luger’s Draven proved to be too strong.

The last weeks will decide the playoffs entry places and obviously, the teams participating. Make sure to check out Luckbox where you can find live streams of the matches and place your bets. before doing that to claim your 100% bonus.

LCS Week 7 schedule

Check out the schedule below:

Saturday, August 6
Golden Guardians (3.00) vs 100 Thieves (1.35) - 22:30 CEST
Evil Geniuses (1.17) vs TSM (4.40) - 23:30 CEST

Sunday, August 7
Team Liquid (1.35) vs FlyQuest (2.90) - 00:30 CEST
CLG (2.50) vs Cloud9 (1.45) - 01:30 CEST
Immortals (1.65) vs Dignitas (2.10) - 02:30 CEST

TSM (1.70) vs Dignitas (2.05) - 21:30 CEST
Cloud9 (1.82) vs 100 Thieves (1.88) - 22:30 CEST
Evil Geniuses (1.55) vs Team Liquid (2.30) - 23:30 CEST

Monday, August 8
Immortals (1.95) vs Golden Guardians (1.75) - 00:30 CEST
FlyQuest (1.82) vs CLG (1.90) - 01:30 CEST

Two weeks are left and every match counts: this is the time when the teams will put whatever they have on the table. For Cloud9, it is an important week to secure playoffs with a good start, a 2-0 would be incredible but they won’t be the favourite against 100 Thieves. Immortals, Dignitas, Golden Guardians and TSM will try to stay alive and not be eliminated from the playoffs race, so they might play better than expected.

FlyQuest and CLG are looking at a hard week as they will face TL and Cloud9 and then each other. At the end of the week, one of them will be stuck in sixth place. EG should be comfortable against TSM, but TL might pull the upset. TL and C9 definitely have the strength to take down the top two teams of LCS. Same goes for 100 Thieves, facing GG on the first day and C9 on the second day.