2022 LCS Summer Week 2 update, schedule and betting odds

The new season of the LCS has begun with week one, each team has played three games and we have seen some unexpected results. Unlike LEC's super week where chaos and blood reigned, the LCS saw three teams go 3-0 and two teams being stuck at the bottom with 0-3 results in week one.

Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid were championship contenders last season and we expected to see them at the top. But CLG also played amazingly well and had one of their best starts in years, going 3-0. Cloud9 and Dignitas disappointed their fans and finished the first week 0-3. Dignitas was a mediocre team last season but C9 should have been fighting for the championship and it's an unexpected first week for them.

LCS Week 1 recap

The LCS summer season started with Cloud9 against Evil Geniuses. With Zven and Berserker missing, Cloud9 started with the duo of k1ng and Destiny, and they were heavily outclassed by EG's Danny and Vulcan. It was a long game, but EG secured the win. Then FlyQuest demolished Golden Guardians 11-2 in 29 minutes, toucouille was 7-0-1 on Azir.

100 Thieves found an easy win against TSM, Maple's first game was good but it was not enough to carry his team while FBI and huhi did not die once. Team Liquid beat Immortals 16-0 and CLG defeated Dignitas 14-2, Palafox showed his Azir skills while Dhokla played Yone top.

Cloud9 was once again outplayed by Golden Guardians, some poor decisions put the game in an unplayable position. It was a quiet game that ended 7-3 for GG. Team Liquid faced Dignitas and once again showed top form by downing DIG 12-2 in 26 minutes.

Two championship contenders, Evil Geniuses faced 100 Thieves. While Closer played well for 100, Inspired was unstoppable with his 8-1-6 Viego that brought the victory. CLG also beat TSM, with Luger and Poome absolutely outplaying TSM's Tactical and Mia. Finally, Immortals took on FlyQuest. toucouille looked incredible again with 4-1-2 on Azir, but it was not enough, IMT got their first win.

The final day of the super week started with 100 Thieves against Dignitas. Ssumday was amazing on Fiora and 100 outclassed Dignitas with ease to close the week 2-1. After that EG achieved the perfect week against FlyQuest, Danny and Vulcan's Ezreal - Sona duo outclassed Johnsun and aphromoo's Twitch - Yuumi.

Team Liquid destroyed Cloud9 16-4 in 30 minutes, Bjergsen was 10-0-4 with LeBlanc against his nemesis Jensen. CLG crushed GG to finish the week 3-0, and TSM achieved their first win against Immortals, Maple played 4-0-5 on Corki and led his team to glory.

LCS Week 2 schedule and betting odds

Check out the schedule below:

June 25, Saturday
Dignitas vs Cloud9 - 22:30 CEST
100 Thieves (1.35) vs Golden Guardians (3.00) - 23:30 CEST

June 26, Sunday
TSM (3.40) vs Team Liquid (1.26) - 00:30 CEST
Evil Geniuses (1.20) vs Immortals (4.20) - 01:30 CEST
FlyQuest (1.72) vs CLG (2.00) - 02:30 CEST

Golden Guardians (1.80) vs TSM (1.90) - 21:30 CEST
Team Liquid (1.28) vs FlyQuest (3.40) - 22:30 CEST
Cloud9 vs 100 Thieves - 23:30 CEST

June 27, Monday
CLG (3.10) vs Evil Geniuses (1.32) - 00:30 CEST
Immortals (1.92) vs Dignitas (1.80) - 01:30 CEST

Cloud9's Zven and Berserker are back this week and we expect a better performance from them now that they have their original squad. CLG will take on EG and at least one of them will take the loss. It will be the first real challenge for CLG, while the spring champions Evil Geniuses won't value that game as much as CLG.

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