2022 LCS Summer Playoffs: Cloud9 and 100 Thieves make it to Worlds

With six matches left, the LCS 2022 Championship will be decided in the following two weeks. Cloud9 and 100 Thieves will face each other in the upper bracket final, both securing Worlds 2022 tickets already. The last Worlds 2022 ticket of North America will be awarded to the team who manages to make it to the lower bracket final.

Only one ticket is available for the four remaining giant organisations: TSM, Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid and Counter Logic Gaming. EG’s elimination was a shock, and while TSM and CLG were not the favourites, there will be fierce competition between TL and EG to represent North America at Worlds.

LCS 2022 Championship

We will see another four matches played this week, and only two will be left for the final week of the LCS playoffs. Cloud9 defeated EG 3-1 and 100 Thieves won against TL 3-2 to make it to the upper bracket. TSM eliminated FlyQuest from the playoffs with a 3-2 score, and CLG did the same against Golden Guardians with a 3-2 score as well, advancing to the next round in the lower bracket. Check out the schedule below:

Thursday, September 1
CLG (3.50) vs Team Liquid (1.25) - 22:00 CEST

Friday, September 2
TSM (5.30) vs Evil Geniuses (1.13) - 22:00 CEST

Saturday, September 3
Cloud9 (2.00) vs 100 Thieves (1.72) - 22:00 CEST

Sunday, September 4
CLG/TL vs TSM/EG - 22:00 CEST

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LCS Playoffs Lower Bracket matches

CLG was the surprise of the summer season. With players like Dhokla, Luger and Poome, we weren’t expecting them to fight for the top but they did. However, playoffs proved to be too tough for this new roster. Although they managed to come on top with good performances, defeating Golden Guardians shouldn’t take more than four games for a team like CLG.

Thus, Team Liquid appears as the favourite in their match. Not only does TL have a super team that only moves forward as the season progresses, but CLG in the playoffs wasn’t as impressive as CLG in the regular season. TL will work hard to steal the last Worlds 2022 ticket and they should be able to take down CLG, even if it takes five games.

We have talked about TSM’s disappointing performances all year long: you have to ask, how did they manage to defeat FlyQuest who didn’t look very bad? The answer lies in the skilled players of TSM, like Tactical and Maple. They were able to take responsibility and carry their team forward to the next round.

However, I don’t see a world where TSM defeats Evil Geniuses, sorry. Although EG falling to the lower bracket is a disaster for the team, they should be able to move on by crushing TSM both in drafts and in the Rift. They are a better team overall, and to be honest, they are the ones deserving to move on to the next round with their way of approaching League of Legends.

The last game of the week will be the lower bracket semi-finals and the favourites are EG and TL. Seeing Evil Geniuses’ performance against Cloud9, although I think EG is a better team, Team Liquid seems to be closer to the Worlds 2022 ticket. Obviously the series before this one will be important, so don’t forget to check them out: an upset might even happen that ends EG or TL’s story earlier than expected.

Cloud9 vs 100 Thieves: Upper Bracket Final

This is the one we are waiting for: Cloud9 will face 100 Thieves in the upper bracket final of LCS 2022 Championship. Although both teams have made it to the Worlds 2022 thanks to their achievements, it is for sure that they will fight hard to get to the grand final.

Cloud9’s win against Evil Geniuses was not expected, let alone a very comfortable 3-1 victory. After years of being North America’s last hope, Cloud9 once again proved their strong commitment to winning anywhere they compete. They once again made it to Worlds, and it’s been a long time since they’ve won the LCS: this might be the best opportunity.

100 Thieves however are the favourite against Cloud9. Since Evil Geniuses have moved out of their way until the grand final, their performance against Team Liquid earlier should be enough to take down C9. Even one game of Closer Lee Sin was enough to take 100 Thieves to the next round.

While there is little difference between the ability of giving their players good team comps, there was a huge gap between 100 Thieves and Cloud9 during the regular season. C9 looked like they have closed that gap a bit by defeating EG, and they aren’t doomed against 100 Thieves. It will just be a very hard one, and Cloud9 is used to such tasks.