2022 LCK Summer Week 4 update, schedule and betting odds

The third week of the LCK served the fans right, as T1 finally conceded their first loss to Kwangdong Freecs. After such a shock on the first day of the week, all eyes were on T1's second match against DRX. T1 defeated DRX 2-0 in an attempt to show that the series against KDF was a fluke and that they are still a championship contender.

Gen.G continued to lead the LCK with two 2-0 wins, and the same goes for DWG KIA. After going 0-2 in week two against their opponents in the championship race, DK showed they are still in the race. Fredit BRION and Hanwha Life continue to occupy the bottom of the table, and HLE picked up their first win against BRO.

LCK Week 3 recap

After DRX started the LCK 4-0, they had one thing on their minds this week: defeat T1 and move on to 6-0. However, Liiv SANDBOX showed something they did not expect. With Prince playing 13-1-4 Zeri in the first game and 7-1-2 Aphelios in the third, LSB defeated DRX 2-1 to take the well-deserved win.

T1 faced Kwangdong Freecs in the second series of the day. The spring season champions started with a win but struggled. KDF took advantage of their insecurities in the second game and got the win after a strong Senna performance from Teddy. In the third game, Teddy played the support Ashe. Once again, KDF outplayed T1 with an Ornn pick against Faker's Lissandra to win the 5v5 team fights and take the win 2-1.

After two amazing series, the second day started with the two worst teams in LCK. Fredit BRION finally managed to get a win, but it was not enough to win the series for them. Hanwha Life Esports defeated them 2-1 to secure their first victory. Gen.G crushed NS RedForce in the following game. Canna and Bdd stepped up for NS but their individual performances were not enough to stop Gen.G's performance as a team.

DWG KIA put up a strong performance against kt Rolster. To prevent a quick end to the series, Aiming tried his best in the second game with a 6-2-2 Jinx performance, but Deokdam's 10-1-6 Zeri was even better and finished the series 2-0. After a disappointing game against KDF, T1 looked like a completely different team against DRX, winning the first game 18-10 in 40 minutes and the second 16-2 in 30 minutes.

The weekend started with two really quick series. Prince showed his form once again for Liiv SANDBOX as they defeated BRO 2-0. Gen.G defeated Kwandong Freecs 2-0 in a series that lasted about an hour.

Sunday's games were not much different either. deokdam led DWG KIA to victory against NS RedForce. It was another terrible week for NS: even last man standing Canna was 0-5-3 with Mordekaiser during the last game. kt Rolster crushed Hanwha Life easily 14-6 and 17-1, Rascal played one of the most comfortable series of his career with Gwen.

Apart from T1 finally losing a game, week three offered very little entertainment. Week four offers more, with Gen.G set to face T1 for the first time this season. Follow LCK and watch the games on Luckbox, and sign up now to claim your 100% bonus before placing your bets.

LCK Week 4 schedule and betting odds

Check out the schedule below:

Wednesday, July 6
NS RedForce (2.10) vs kt Rolster (1.65) - 10:00 CEST
Kwangdong Freecs (1.38) vs Fredit BRION (2.80) - 13:00 CEST

Thursday, July 7
DWG KIA (1.32) vs DRX (3.10) - 10:00 CEST
Hanwha Life (3.00) vs Liiv SANDBOX (1.35) - 13:00 CEST

Friday, July 8
Gen.G (1.72) vs T1 (2.00) - 10:00 CEST
Kwangdong Freecs (2.10) vs kt Rolster (1.65) - 13:00 CEST

Saturday, July 9
NS RedForce (2.60) vs Liiv SANDBOX (1.42) - 10:00 CEST
Hanwha Life (7.00) vs DWG KIA (1.06) - 13:00 CEST

Sunday, July 10
DRX (4.40) vs Gen.G (1.17) - 10:00 CEST
T1 (1.01) vs Fredit BRION (8.50) - 13:00 CEST

A tough week lies ahead for DRX. After a 0-2 loss against T1, they have to face both DWG KIA and Gen.G. They need to beat one of the two to keep pursuing the championship. Gen.G also has a tough week ahead as they first face T1 to repeat the final of the spring season. At 6-0, they have looked better than T1 so far, but we know how unexpected T1 can be.

After an 0-2 week, NS RedForce will face two of their rivals in the race for the playoffs: kt Rolster and Liiv SANDBOX. They are on the verge of a 2-0 week, but if they cannot beat Prince and LSB, it will not be easy for them to make the playoffs.