2022 Global StarCraft II League Season 1: Code S Week 2 schedule

An exciting week remains on Code S. Group B is complete with Maru in first and Ryung in second place. There's only a few steps remaining to see who is going to win $30,000.

Group C is also done and only two more groups are left for the Group Stage 2, and playoffs. Let’s take a deeper look at the groups and analyse the matches played from the past few days.

Group C

Rogue and ByuN have advanced to the Group Stage 2 from Group C. The only Zerg player in the Group, Rogue, played two matches and won both of them against NightMare and Zoun. ByuN lost his first match against Zoun.

After playing against NightMare, he became the winner by 2-1. His third match was once again Zoun but this time ByuN got the win and stood second in Group C.

Zoun and NightMare will not be playing any further in Code S. While Zoun got at least one win against ByuN, NightMare lost both the matches he played.

Group D

Four players of Group D are Trap, GuMiho, Creator and Solar. Comparing these names, the most likely to advance further are Trap and Solar, according to their performances in recent tournaments. First matches of Group D on March 31 will be like this:

Trap vs GuMiho: 10:30 CET

Creator vs Solar: 11:15 CET

The first match of Group D will be held between Trap and GuMiho. Like we mentioned, Trap is considered as one of the favourites of the group. So, having a win in the first match will not be a problem for him.

Credit: Turtle Entertainment

Secondly, Solar will be playing against Protoss player Creator. Solar is the favourite of this match and the closest rival of Trap. With a win against Creator, Solar will try to send a message to Trap about his intent.

The schedule of three upcoming matches is not announced yet.

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