2022 Global StarCraft II League Season 1: Code S Week 1 schedule

Finally, the action of Code S started on March 21. Four players from Group A played their first matches. The tournament will be continued by competitions in Group B on March 24. In the very first days of May, we will see who are the owners of $123,000 in the prize pool.

It is time to make a deep analysis of the Group A matches and talk about what is waiting for SC2 lovers in Group B of Code S.

Group A

We have seen 5 matches totally on Group A:

March 21
Dark 2-0 Classic
DRG 2-0 Dream
Dark 2-0 DRG
Classic 2-1 Dream
DRG 2-1 Classic


All the matches in the tournament were held on the same day, March 21. The day started with the win of famous SC2 player Dark, against another great player Classic. Zerg player Dark dominated the game well and got a 2-0 score against Protoss player Classic.

The second match of Group A was held between DRG and Dream. Also known as “Final Boss” DRG, showed why he got this nickname by winning 2-0 against Dream. So far, two favourites of Group A Dark and DRG gave people what they expected.

Credit: zemotion

These matches of Code S were followed by a big match between DRG and Dark. Since both players won their first match, they held a match against them to decide who will be on top in the standings. The favourite of the match was Dark and he became the winner, also the first in Group

Classic and Dream played a match to keep their position as the third player of Group A. Classic, beat Dream by 2-1 and matched with DRG to play their final match. This time, DRG won and was the second player in Group A.

Group B

So far, we will see two matches in Group B on March 24:

Zest vs Ryung: 10:30 CET

Armani vs Maru: 11:15 CET

Depending on the winner or loser, players will be held three more matches for having a place in their groups.

Comparing Zest and Ryung, we see that Zest is closer to starting with a win since he has more successes and earnings than his rival, Ryung. Lately, Zest won against Dark on 2022 AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 1 and became the winner. Other than that, he attended the IEM Katowice 2021 and achieved to play Finals, as he did on IEM Katowice 2020 too.

If you have been following SC2 for a long time, you have probably heard the name of Maru so many times. He is known for his great achievements in his career. The experienced player was the winner of the 2019 Global StarCraft II League Season 1: Code S. After 3 years, he should be very eager to achieve this again. So, it is expected for him to win against Armani.

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