2022 CBLOL Split 2 Week 9 update, schedule and betting odds

CBLOL’s regular season is coming to an end this weekend and playoffs will kick off after a concise break. Four teams have secured playoffs participation: FURIA Esports, paiN Gaming, RED Canids and LOUD. On the other hand, three teams are out of contention: Flamengo Los Grandes’ fight wasn’t enough and they joined INTZ and Rensga at the bottom of the table.

KaBuM! e-Sports, Miners and Liberty will fight for the remaining two spots in the playoffs this weekend. Miners and KaBuM! will face each other on Sunday, which increases Liberty’s chances of making it if they can take down RED Canids. At 7-9, their chances are slim but it’s not impossible.

CBLOL Week 8 recap

The penultimate week of CBLOL started with KaBuM! against INTZ. Losing their playoff hopes long ago; INTZ couldn’t withstand KBM and lost the game in 27 minutes. Following that, Flamengo Los Grandes played against Rensga. Although it was one of the best performances from Rensga, Flamengo managed to come back and take the win.

Liberty found a very significant win for their playoffs contention, taking down paiN Gaming, one of the leading teams in CBLOL. Matsukaze and Krastyel led the team to a 15-4 victory. LOUD pulled the second upset of the day, taking down RED Canids with 4-1-11 Sylas from tinowns and 9-0-4 Aphelios from Brance. Finishing the day, FURIA Esports crushed Miners with 17-8, thanks to a dominating Viego performance from their jungler Goot.

Although they were able to take down paiN, Liberty made a mistake that could cost playoffs for them: they were defeated by INTZ the next day. NOsFerus’ 5-1-10 Sylas and micaO’s 5-0-4 Aphelios sealed the deal for INTZ. Following that, Miners were able to defeat Flamengo with ease, further killing Liberty’s chances of making the playoffs.

tinowns (11-0-11 Sylas) and Brance (5-0-15 Seraphine) were exceptional against Rensga, securing the 2-0 week for LOUD. FURIA Esports defeated paiN Gaming in a close game with 19-12, mainly thanks to Envy’s 8-2-8 Vex and claimed first place. RED Canids handed KaBuM! another 1-1 week, moving on to playoffs. Grevthar was 12-1-10 on Taliyah and TitaN was 11-2-10 on Zeri.

The primary carries from championship contenders seem to start taking their jobs seriously. 11-2-10, 11-0-11, 9-0-4 - these are exceptional performances. They will probably continue in the playoffs as well. Make sure to tune in for CBLOL action and keep track of these players trying to get to Worlds 2022. You can visit Luckbox to find live streams and sign up now to claim your 100% bonus.

CBLOL Week 9 schedule

Check out the schedule below:

Saturday, August 6
FURIA (1.12) vs Flamengo (5.50) - 18:00 CEST
RED Canids (1.35) vs Liberty (2.90) - 19:00 CEST
Rensga (6.00) vs KaBuM! (1.10) - 20:00 CEST
Miners (2.70)vs LOUD (1.40) - 21:00 CEST
paiN Gaming (1.12) vs INTZ (5.50) - 22:00 CEST

Sunday, August 7
KaBuM! vs Miners - 18:00 CEST
Flamengo vs paiN Gaming - 19:00 CEST
INTZ vs RED Canids - 20:00 CEST
Liberty vs Rensga - 21:00 CEST
LOUD vs FURIA - 22:00 CEST

FURIA Esports has already secured first place, which means the final matches will only be a formality for them. However, the second match might be important for LOUD to claim a better spot in the playoffs. paiN Gaming should have an easy week and fight with RED Canids for second place. RED won’t have many problems and will enter as the favourite.

Liberty has the chance to catch up with Miners who both face KaBuM! and LOUD this week. If they can defeat RED Canids, their chances will be even higher. Make sure to tune in to these games, as they will probably decide the last entries for the playoffs.