2022 CBLOL Split 2 Week 5 update, schedule and betting odds

The Brazilian League of Legends league CBLOL 2022 Split 2 enters its fifth week this weekend. Chaos reigned in the CBLOL after week three results, but week four fixed that to a certain extent. We now have a clear race for the playoffs with RED Canids at the top of the league and FURIA Esports and paiN Gaming trailing just behind.

At the bottom of the league, INTZ and Rensga are stuck at 1-7, and although mathematically they have a chance of making the playoffs, they are not playing the way a championship contender should. With those two teams out of the picture, it's now up to Flamengo Los Grandes and Miners to see if they can overtake KBM and Liberty and snatch a spot away from them.

CBLOL Week 4 recap

The fourth week of the CBLOL started with Miners against Flamengo. Miners got themselves back in the running for the playoffs with a 16-6 win in 35 minutes. Afterwards, Rensga failed to perform once again against LOUD and LLL went home with an easy "W".

KaBuM!'s first challenge this week was RED Canids. Thanks to a commanding performance by Grevthar on Corki, RED overcame their opponents in 37 minutes with KBM little resistance. Then paiN defeated FURIA 14-5, with dyNquedo leading with a spectacular 4-1-7 Ahri.

After these matches between championship contenders, Liberty defeated INTZ 19-4 to end the day. The next day, KBM started with a quick win over Rensga, securing them the 4-4 score and keeping them in the playoffs. However, they will have to show up better in the coming weeks.

RED Canids had no trouble getting the win against Liberty. TitaN's 7-2-6 Ezreal was unstoppable and managed to outplay Liberty's Lucian - Nami. paiN Gaming beat INTZ 25-6 and LOUD similarly beat Miners 15-5. The last game of the day was the third stomp in a row. FURIA Esports crushed Flamengo while dropping only a single kill.

Image via CBLOL

With these results, the current table of the CBLOL show RED Canids, FURIA Esports and paiN Gaming in the lead, with LOUD, KaBuM! and Liberty following them. Flamengo Los Grandes and Miners are close to grabbing a spot, but their performances have been lower as compared to the top six teams.

Finishing in the top four is extremely important in the CBLOL because it means you get a second chance in the playoffs. So KBM wants to be back in it as soon as possible. Week 5 will witness even tougher competition and you can watch the games live on Luckbox. Sign up now and grab your 100% bonus if you decide to place your bets on any of the games.

CBLOL Week 5 schedule

Check out the schedule below:

Saturday, July 9
RED Canids (1.08) vs INTZ (7.00) - 18:00 CEST
FURIA Esports (1.72) vs LOUD (2.00) - 19:00 CEST
Rensga Esports (5.00) vs Liberty (1.13) - 20:00 CEST
paiN Gaming (1.15) vs Flamengo (4.80) - 21:00 CEST
Miners (2.60) vs KaBuM! (1.45) - 22:00 CEST

The most important match of the first day seems to be FURIA Esports vs LOUD. 6-2 FURIA is trying to catch up to RED Canids, while 5-3 LOUD is trying to secure a comfortable spot in the top four. FURIA has the upper hand here, but it will be an entertaining game for sure.

Sunday, July 10
LOUD (1.22) vs Flamengo (3.80) - 18:00 CEST
Miners (2.35) vs Liberty (1.52) - 19:00 CEST
KaBuM! (1.92) vs FURIA Esports (1.80) - 20:00 CEST
Rensga Esports (2.40) vs INTZ (1.50) - 21:00 CEST
RED Canids (1.60) vs paiN Gaming (2.20) - 22:00 CEST

Two games clearly stand out: KaBuM! VS FURIA and RED Canids vs paiN.

After their strong finish last season, KaBuM! have looked shaky so far, finishing all four weeks 1-1. They will try to break that curse against FURIA Esports, but their opponent might be too strong for them to succeed. FURIA looks like they could easily destroy a team as unstable as KBM.

On the other hand, RED vs PNG is a more balanced matchup. Although RED Canids look better and more consistent, the difference between these teams is a single win. The first match was won by RED Canids and they will be the favourite here.