2022 CBLOL Split 2 regular season is over

Regular season of CBLOL 2022 Split 2 ended after the last weekend’s games, with Liberty failing to make it to the playoffs. Although Miners lost both their games in the last week, Liberty failed to defeat RED Canids and lost the playoffs spot due to the tiebreaker rule that considered wins in the second half of the split more valuable.

FURIA Esports, RED Canids, paiN Gaming and LOUD will start from the upper bracket of the playoffs, LOUD’s seven wins in a row proved to be valuable as they managed to stay just ahead of KaBuM! e-Sports. KBM and Miners will follow them, while Liberty, Flamengo Los Grandes, INTZ and Rensga Esports won’t be able to represent Brazil at Worlds 2022.

The regular season finishes

Standings Team Score Playoffs
1 FURIA Esports 15-3 Upper Bracket
2 RED Canids 13-5 Upper Bracket
3 paiN Gaming 12-6 Upper Bracket
4 LOUD 12-6 Upper Bracket
5 KaBuM! e-Sports 11-7 Lower Bracket
6 Miners 8-10 Lower Bracket
7 Liberty 8-10 Out
8 Flamengo Los Grandes 6-12 Out
9 INTZ 4-14 Out
10 Rensga Esports 1-17 Out


FURIA Esports had a great season overall and secured the first place after eight weeks and their final record is 15-3. However, with eyes on the top four, LOUD defeated them in the last game of the season, showing that they will do whatever it takes to stay in the championship race. While FURIA will enter as the favourite, LOUD’s superb performance in the second half of the season shall not be forgotten.

RED Canids and paiN Gaming had stable performances all year long just like FURIA, the difference between them was decided by Flamengo’s last minute upset against paiN Gaming. paiN weren’t able to take down Flamengo Los Grandes, one of the already-eliminated teams, and will enter the playoffs as third place.

KaBuM! is one of the disappointing teams this season, finishing the regular season in fifth place. Although they were very close to top four with 11-7, in terms of performance, they were as shaky as Miners and Liberty. They only had two 2-0 weeks this season, the first was the seventh week and the second was the last one. Together with Miners, they are expected to quit the playoffs early because of starting from the lower bracket.

The top four teams of CBLOL will enter the playoffs in the upper bracket, FURIA will face paiN Gaming while RED Canids takes on LOUD. FURIA decided to face paiN Gaming, probably because of LOUD’s seven win streak that got them into the upper bracket. However, considering how paiN performed in the playoffs last season, they might regret this decision later on.

KaBuM! and Miners will clash at the bottom of the lower bracket, and their chances look slim. In order to get to the grand final, they have to win four best-of-five games in a row against multiple teams due to the double-elimination system. We are used to seeing these unexpected results in Brazil, but this one is just too hard.

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What do we know about the CBLOL Playoffs?

Check out the schedule of the first matches below:

Friday, August 12 - Lower Round 1
KaBuM! vs Miners - 18:00 CEST

As mentioned earlier, KBM is closer to the bottom of the league than they are to the top. However, they should still be able to take down Miners with ease, considering their strength.

Saturday, August 13 - Upper Round 1
FURIA Esports vs paiN Gaming - 18:00 CEST

Sunday, August 14 - Upper Round 1
RED Canids vs LOUD - 18:00 CEST

FURIA Esports will have the upper hand against paiN Gaming, but their advantage should be very slim, paiN looked as good during multiple stages of CBLOL. Following that, RED Canids will face LOUD. Although RED was one of the best teams in the regular season, LOUD’s form looks scary and gives an enormous chance for the underdogs to take down RED and move on to the upper bracket semi-finals.

Lower Round 2 - Saturday, August 20 - 18:00 CEST
Upper Semi-finals - Sunday, August 21 - 18:00 CEST
Lower Round 3 - Saturday, August 27 - 18:00 CEST
Lower Semi-finals - Sunday, August 28 - 18:00 CEST
Grand final - Saturday, September 3 - 18:00 CEST

CBLOL 2022 Split 2 Playoffs will start on August 12, taking almost a month to complete on September 3. The winner of the upper bracket semifinals will have 14 days to get ready for the grand final, giving them a massive advantage over their opponents.