2022 Call of Duty League Major 2 qualifiers betting odds & schedule

CDL Major 2 qualifiers are finally here. OpTic Texas disappointed everyone with their poor performance in the Kickoff Classic, yet they proved everyone wrong with their performance throughout the Major 1 and managed to snatch away the championship title from Atlanta Faze in the playoffs.

Time to go over what happened in the first week of Major 2, and the  highlights of the week.

Everything you need to know about Major 2, including the qualification matches, schedule, and more.

  • OpTic Texas wins 3-2 over the LA Thieves in a close call.
  • Florida Mutineers takes top spot with their wins against LA Guerillas and NY Subliners
  • Atlanta Faze loses to Seattle Surge

OpTic Texas begins their Major 2 qualifying matches against LA Thieves, while Atlanta FaZe loses momentum against Seattle Surge after their loss for the championship in Major 1 playoffs.

Here’s when you can catch each weekend of matches:

March 18-20

March 25-27

The Major 2 LAN will take place from March 31-April 3 and be hosted by Minnesota RØKKR.


Format of the competition is as follows:

  • 5 matches played per team
  • Online Qualifier standings will be used to determine seeding in each Major for all 12 Teams
  • Each team receives 10 CDL points for each win

CDL Major 2 qualifiers week 1 results

Here are the current standings after the first weekend matches

Online Qualifiers
1. Florida Mutineers 2-0
2. London Royal Ravens 2-0
3. Boston Breach 1-0
4. Toronto Ultra 1-0
5. OpTic Texas 1-0
6. Los Angeles Guerrillas 1-1
7. Minnesota RØKKR 1-1
8. Seattle Surge 1-1
9. Atlanta FaZe 0-1
10. Los Angeles Thieves 0-2
11. Paris Legion 0-2
12. New York Subliners 0-2


CDL Major 2 qualifiers week 2 schedule

Teams highlighted in bold have the odds in their favour. You can click on the dates to take yourself directly to the detailed match page:

March 18-19

March 20

March 21


Here’s the recap of some of the important matches of the previous weekend:

Seattle’s baptism by fire against Atlanta 3-2

Atlanta FaZe got the series off to a good start, defeating Bocage Hardpoint 250-165.  Arcitys. with 34 kills, led the lobby and dominated Surge, putting FaZe ahead 1-0. In map two, Seattle Surge fought back with a round 11 clutch, and Pred was back at his best. Surge tied the series as the APAC rookie dropped 11 kills with a 1.83 K/D.

Surge was outkilled by Atalanta FaZe on map three, but only by one. They also won the map by a single round, with the game swinging back and forth with FaZe appearing under duress the entire time. Mack stepped up in map four, racking up 29 kills and a 2.09 kill-to-death ratio. Surge's play was incredible, and they forced a game five. Surge was victorious in the series' final map. They won the series 3-2 with a 6-2 victory.

LA Guerillas vs. Florida Mutineers 0-3

In a back-and-forth Bocage Hardpoint, the Florida Mutineers seized a 1-0 series lead. The Guerrillas rallied back and seized a 40-point lead after Florida built an 80-point advantage. Vivid's 34 and Owakening's 36 kills, respectively, were too much for LAG, as the Mutineers seized map one.

Florida went 5-1 on map two, dominating LAG in the early stages. The Guerrillas staged a comeback to force a tenth round. Regardless, Florida tightened up in round 11 and seized a commanding 2-0 series lead with two aces and 12 kills by Vivid. With a 3-1 Tuscan Control, the Florida Mutineers completed a 3-0 whitewash. The Mutineers put on a fantastic show on Control, with Skyz dominating and winning both streaks to finish out the final round.

Optic Texas vs. LA Thieves, a close call 3-2

The Los Angeles Thieves and OpTic Texas were both unbeaten on Tuscan Hardpoint. OpTic's record was unblemished as they thrashed the Thieves by 100 points and utterly crushed them to start the series. OpTic dominated this map, outslaying the opposition by a whopping 45 kills, one of the biggest totals in the CDL so far. The LA Thieves fought back with a 6-0 victory in the Search and Destroy. The Thieves put forth an equal effort, tying the series 1-1.

OpTic reclaimed control of the Control with a 3-0 victory. Shotzzy had one of his finest maps yet, with a 2.00 K/D, as they defeated the Thieves by 30 kills. With a 250-205 Berlin Hardpoint triumph, the Thieves forced a game five. This was a close encounter, with the series swinging back and forth. OpTic Texas, on the other hand, won game five 6-5 to wrap up the series. Shotzzy continued his outstanding performance in this series by clutching up in the last round.

CDL Major 2 qualifiers will continue on full steam this weekend. See you next week.

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