The grandfather of esports StarCraft II is gaining traction since Code S tournament inches closer everyday. Qualifier step ended on March 11 and 16 players in total reached the main tournament.

There is one more week for Code S to start and till that time, it’s a great chance to analyze the qualifiers. Check out how 2022 Global StarCraft II League Season 1: Qualifier resulted.


The tournament was held for two days in total, between March 10 and 11. A Total of 32 players joined the tournament. Three maps on the tournament were Berlingrad LE, 2000 Atmospheres LE and Hardwire LE.

Day 1

The first day of Qualifier was held in 5 different groups between 32 matches. Only 10 people advanced for the Code S.

All participants on Day 1:

Protoss Terran Zerg
Chance aLive Armani
Classic Bunny ByuL
Creator ByuN Curious
Dandy Cure DRG
herO Dream NoRegreT
NightMare ForGG RagnaroK
Prince GuMiho Rogue
Puzzle HHs Solar
Trap HonMonO TRUE


The qualified players of Group A were Korean RagnaroK and Trap. RagnaroK matched with HHs in Upper Bracket Quarterfinals and beat him by 2-0. Following a win against ByuN in the Upper Bracket Semi-Finals, he put his name on the Qualifying Match. Trap lost against RagnaroK in the last match and continued in the tournament through Lower Bracket, winning against ByuN in the final.

In Group B, we saw Cure and DRG advance to Code S. In Cure’s first match, Korean player Faint gave up and was eliminated. In the next steps, Cure matched with Chance in Semi-Finals and DRG ointment the Qualifying Match. Beating both of them 2-0, he advanced. DRG became the second qualified player by winning against ForGG in Lower Bracket.

Credit: Turtle Entertainment

Solar and Classic advanced for Code S in Group C. Solar started his first match with an FF from his rival and beat the second qualifier Classic in the Upper Bracket Semi-Finals. Eliminating NightMare in the Qualifying Match, he qualified to the Upper Bracket. Classic joined the Lower Bracket in the Semi-Finals and beat Dream by 2-0. He also advanced by winning the Qualifying Match against NightMare.

Group D qualified players are herO and Bunny. Winning without a problem in the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals, her0 also beat Armani in the Semi-Finals. He matched with Bunny in the Qualifying Match and put his name on the advanced list with a 2-1 win. Bunny’s rival in the Lower Bracket Final was Armani and he beat him by 2-0.

The last group of Day 1 was Group E and Rogue and Creator put their names for Code S. Rogue firstly wins against NoRegreT, secondly GuMiho and finally Creator. Losing in the Upper Bracket, Creator continued in Lower and beat GuMiho on the Final stage.

Day 2

Day 2 was the last day for 2022 Global StarCraft II League Season 1: Qualifier. 10 players already advanced on the first day and the same roster joined for another chance in Code S.

There were three stages for Day 2: Group A, Group B and Group Round 2. Totally, 6 more players advanced for Code S.

Credit: VSL

Group A qualified players were Dream and Armani. In the Upper Bracket, Dream got his first win against Canadian NoRegreT and second came with a 2-0 win against Ryung. Qualifying Match was between Dream and Armani. Dream won this match and Armani went to the Lower Bracket. The Korean player won the Final against Ryung and advanced.

ByuN and GuMiho advanced in Group B. ByuN successfully came till the Qualifying Match and advanced to the Code S. GuMiho lost against Prince in the Upper Bracket Semi-Finals but he took his revenge in the Lower Bracket Qualifying match, beating Prince 2-0.

We saw the names of Ryung and NightMare in Group Round 2. Ryung advanced to the Upper Bracket and NightMare qualified by eliminating aLive in Lower Bracket Finals.

What’s next? 2022 Global StarCraft II League Season 1: Code S is about to start in a week. If you would like to increase your enjoyment of StarCraft II, you can put your bet according to your analysis with Luckbox, easily and safely.