12 teams that will take part in The International 2022 have been announced

With the support of the community, The International tournaments have always been one of the most popular tournaments, dominating the list of tournaments with the most prizes. The International 2022 will be one of them. All Dota 2 fans are already crazy for the tournament, which will start on October 15.

20 leading Dota 2 teams will battle it out in Singapore. 12 of these teams have been announced with the conclusion of the Dota Pro Circuit season. Interestingly, the twelfth team in the DPC ranking is Outsiders according to Liquipedia, and Fnatic according to Valve. Moreover, that is not the only difference in the rankings.

11 teams that are sure to take part

As you can see in the table below, 11 teams are the same teams in both the ranking on Liquipedia and the ranking on the official site of Dota 2.

Place Teams (Liquipedia) Points (Liquipedia) Teams (Valve) Points (Valve)
1st PSG.LGD 2240 PSG.LGD 2240
2nd OG 1930 Team Spirit 1810
3rd Team Spirit 1810 beastcoast 1810
4th beastcoast 1810 OG 1694
5th Team Aster 1610 Team Aster 1690
6th Thunder Awaken 1540 Thunder Awaken 1540
7th BOOM Esports 1482.5 BOOM Esports 1482
8th TSM 1380 TSM 1380
9th Tundra Esports 1212 Tundra Esports 1212
10th Gaimin Gladiators 1130 Gaimin Gladiators 1130
11th Evil Geniuses 1052.5 Evil Geniuses 1052
12th Outsiders 1020.05 Fnatic 1020
13th Fnatic 1020 Outsiders 1019


When we look at the top of the list, the first difference that catches our eye is the ranking of OG. According to Liquipedia, OG, with a score of 1930, is in second place with this score. When we look at the ranking of Dota 2, their points are 1694 and they are in fourth place.

Ceb participated in ESL One Stockholm 2022 instead of Misha due to the visa problems, which would cost OG 272 points, but the penalty has been withdrawn, according to information Liquipedia got from an inside source.It seems true that this penalty was withdrawn when we did the calculations.

Ceb also participated in PGL Arlington Major 2022 due to the visa problems Misha faced, which would have cost OG 236 points. According to Liquipedia, this penalty was also withdrawn, but according to Dota 2's official site, this point penalty has not been withdrawn.

Credit: Valve

We see another point difference in Team Aster. Team Aster's DPC score from DPC China Tour 2 Division I is 160 according to Liquipedia and 240 according to Dota 2's official site; however this makes no difference in Team Aster's ranking.

We also see fractional differences in BOOM Esports and Evil Geniuses, but this is due to Liquipedia showing fractional points while Dota 2 rounds off fractions.

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The most critical difference is in the 12th place

On Liquipedia's ranking, Outsiders is ranked 12th, while on Dota 2's official site, Fnatic is ranked 12th. This is quite important because while the 12th team is directly invited to The International 2022, the 13th team is not eligible for this invitation.

According to Liquipedia, Outsiders have the following penalties:

  • –52 — Xakoda stood in during Tour 1 Regional Finals.
  • –29.7 — illias was removed on March 10th.
  • –28.245 — Pure was removed on April 30th.

[109.945] Points Deductions

Credit: Virtus.pro

Fnatic, on the other hand, has no penalty. According to this result, Outsiders finished the DPC season ahead of Fantic by 0.055 points. Dota 2's official site does not include much details for the penalties of illias and Pure, and it says that Outsiders will receive two 15% point penalties, resulting in Outsiders being 1019 points and Fnatic being 1020 points. This leads to Fnatic being placed in 12th place.

As you know, Outsiders is actually the roster of Virtus.pro and they changed the name to be able to take part in tournaments. According to Virtus.pro's tweet, they received a direct invitation from Valve for The International 2022, which confirms that they are in 12th place, but this is not the case on Dota 2's official site. Fnatic, on the other hand, does not have a related tweet. Fans wonder how this situation will turn out, under the tweet shared by Virtus.pro. Liquipedia says they believe the standings on their site are correct, but is not yet certain.

How will the other 8 teams be determined?

Six of the eight other teams that will participate in The International 2022 will be determined by regional qualifiers. These regions are North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, China and Southeast Asia. The remaining two teams will be determined by the Last Chance Qualifier.

Even though there are questions in mind, a great tournament surely awaits us. Are you ready for The International 2022? You can keep up with the latest news about The International 2022 by following Luckbox.