11 esports events to get excited about in 2022

In 2021, we witnessed many magnificent tournaments with the increasing measures against Covid-19. For example, we were able to watch CS:GO Major after a long time. In this list, we will talk about the important tournaments in 2022.

We did not include series with many tournaments such as Dota Pro Circuit in our list. Let's get to our list without waiting too long.

Worlds 2022

Even though we have a long time ahead of us, one of the most interesting tournaments on the list is Worlds 2022. Worlds, which drives League of Legends fans crazy every year, will be held in North America in the Fall of 2022. Last year, Worlds 2021 was won by the Chinese superteam EDward Gaming. Although it is not certain which teams are joining this year, a fight between Chinese and Korean participants for the championship is expected as always. As details about the tournament emerge, we will share them with you.

Worlds 2021 | Credit: Riot Games / Getty Images

The International 11

Credit: Valve

The last of Dota 2's most prestigious tournament series, The International, will be with us towards the end of the year. Even though we do not know much about it yet, it is not difficult to imagine that the teams that have proven themselves throughout the Dota Pro Circuit will have an incredible fight at The International 11. In addition, with the support of the fans, the prize pool of the tournament will undoubtedly be the biggest of the list. In The International 10, PSG.LGD were the absolute favourites, while Team Spirit won the title with a fantastic performance. Are you expecting a surprise this year as well?

Champions 2022

The first year of VCT has just ended. The VALORANT Champions Tour 2022 was announced on December 10. Acend won VCT Champions 2021 by defeating CIS representative Gambit Esports. The tournament will be held in December, so it is impossible to guess which teams will be joining. However, if EMEA can keep up the good work in Champions 2021 where they made it to semifinals with three representatives, the region will be the favourite for Champions 2022 as well. After a great circuit, we will see an amazing Champions 2022 towards the end of the year. Being the most prestigious tournament of VALORANT, it is the center of attention for the fans of the game.

Credit: Riot Games

IEM Cologne & Dallas 2022

We continue with another tournament with a prize pool of $1,000,000. The IEM Cologne will start on July 5 this year. Although none of the teams that will participate are certain, it is obvious that great teams will compete. The grand final of the tournament, in which 24 teams will take part, is on July 17. If you're already into CS:GO, you know IEM Cologne and you know you should not miss it. Let’s continue with another IEM tournament. On June 4, 16 teams will meet for IEM Dallas 2022 in the USA. The teams that will take part are not yet known, but the tournament will be the scene of great moments with a huge prize pool of $250,000. The final of the CS:GO tournament, which will last for two days, will be played on June 5

Credit: ESL

ESL Pro League Season 15 & 16

If you like CS:GO, you probably love ESL Pro League tournaments. ESL Pro League Season 15, where 24 teams will meet in Malta, will start on March 9. We will see great teams again and perfect underdogs are also among the participants. The grand final of the tournament with a prize pool of $823,000 will be played on April 10. You shouldn't miss it. We will also see the ESL Pro League Season 16, which will be held on August 31. The prize pool is $835,000. This is the last S-tier CS:GO tournament among events with a certain date. The grand final will be played on October 2. NAVI had won the ESL Pro League Season 14. They've been unstoppable since then. Whatever tournament comes their way, they win. Let's see if they can continue the same performance this year. Their magnificent style of play also attracts the audience, of course. You already know that you should not miss such a great tournament.

Credit: ESL

Six World Cup 2022

We continue our list with another Rainbow Six Siege tournament. National teams will compete in the Rainbow Six Siege World Cup 2022. If you both like Rainbow Six Siege and your country takes part in this tournament, great moments await you. In fact, no matter what, this tournament should not be missed. It is known that the tournament will start in June, and continue until August.

Credit: Ubisoft

IEM Katowice 2022

We have two tournaments from IEM Katowice on our list. The first is from CS:GO. On February 15, 24 leading CS:GO teams will gather in Katowice, Poland. The prize pool is $1,000,000. All of the teams that will take part in the tournament are determined, and as you can imagine, all the teams that come to mind when CS:GO is mentioned will be there. The grand final will be played on February 27. This is one of the most anticipated tournaments on the list. The second IEM Katowice tournament we will mention is from StarCraft IIl. Currently, only 5 out of 36 players are unknown. We must say that the list is perfect. All the players that StarCraft II fans adore will take part in IEM Katowice 2022. This enormous tournament will start on February 19, and will end with the grand final on February 27. Players competing for the $500,000 prize pool will give the audience a great time.

Credit: ESL

RLCS 2021-22 - World Championship

We came to the first and only Rocket League tournament on the list. It's also one of the biggest tournaments. The prize pool in this tournament, where teams will be determined after a tremendous season, is $2,085,000. This feast, which will start on July 22, will end on July 31. If you're a Rocket League lover, you can't do yourself a greater disservice than missing out on this tournament.

Hearthstone 2022 World Championship

For those who love card games, of course, the year will not be empty. A much more fluid process awaits us, with many changes coming on top of the tournament in 2021. It is planned to increase players' access to the World Championship. We will probably watch this magnificent tournament together in December of 2022.

Six Invitational 2022

We start our list with a Rainbow Six Siege tournament. 16 of the 20 teams that will take part in the most prestigious Rainbow Six Siege tournament, which will start on February 8, have already been determined. The grand final will be played on February 20. Rainbow Six Siege fans are certainly looking forward to it, even though it's a month and a half away from the tournament to be held in Montreal, Canada. Of course, great teams will take part in the tournament, why shouldn't they be excited?

Six Invitational 2019 | Credit: ESL

LEC Spring 2022

Let’s continue with LEC Spring 2022. Although Worlds 2022 is the most interesting League of Legends tournament on our list, you should not underestimate LEC Spring 2022. The 10 teams that will take part in the tournament are all decent teams. 2021 saw a total domination by MAD Lions in Europe's major League of Legends tournament LEC. However, MAD Lions lost some of their superstars like Carzzy and Humanoid while new contenders joined in like Team Vitality with Perkz. As of today, looking at the rosters, LEC Spring 2022's favourites are Vitality, G2 Esports, Fnatic, MAD Lions and Rogue. However, the teams will have to wait until the regular season's end to know if they really are capable of making it to the grand final. This competition, which will start on January 14, will continue until April 10. The prize pool is €200,000.

Credit: Riot Games / LoL Esports

We've come to the end of our list full of great tournaments. We will be keeping you informed during all these tournaments.

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