100Thieves return to CS:GO: A game-changer?

While some teams struggle, others will thrive, and that could be to CSGO’s benefit with the news one of the most exciting orgs in the scene is set to enter the game, again.

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After their initial attempt to get into the greatest FPS was scuppered by the sheer stupidity of kNgV and his mates, it looks like 100Thieves are going to re-enter CSGO, and the timing could not be better for an org with a reputation for success and the money to spend.

Where their first entry was somewhat appropriate for the org’s reputation, with the Brazilian five a ‘party team’, the organisation has evolved since that point and is far more focussed on their aims of being a top level operator today, with a brand appeal few can match after just a couple of years in the esports scene. What’s more, the first time 100T turned up, everyone in the CSGO game was flush and holding onto their stars, where today the landscape is markedly different, and there could be a superteam just waiting to be built from the scraps of dying dynasties.

Official Announcement

Even the main competition for 100T’s fanbase, FaZe Clan, is crippled compared to their position in 2017, and unable to spend anything on players, hence their cycling through and increasingly desperate set of ‘options’ in an attempt to get back to the top. Hiring former desk talent and washed-up legends hasn’t taken them back to the top, and it may be that they are relegated to the shadows if 100T are able to turn the heads of the right players.

Just looking, really

We’re currently in an odd place in terms of player power in CSGO, where money does make the world go around but the top names still call the shots. The coldzera case is not just a prime example of the confusing relationship between players and teams, but also an opportunity to pick up a top-end talent and brand straight out of the gate for 100T, and the fun doesn’t stop there if you’re playing Championship CSGO Manager.

Remember the aforementioned FaZe Clan, and all their troubles? Well, some of those are going to be legally expensive, and the contracts that the players are on are not going to be cheap when the time comes to re-up. With the renewed interest in Call of Duty esports generated by the new franchise league planned and the fact their all-star lineup is now more like the expendables with Olof and Neo passengers, they could well decide to cash in and sell NiKo to the highest bidder, safe in the knowledge they aren’t strengthening 100T in any game FaZe cares about.


Those are just two of the most obvious names on the list, but in reality there are a lot of stars you could align if you had the money to build your own constellation, which 100T do. Imagine going to Cloud 9 for autimatic, then maybe testing Vitality’s resolve with ZywOo. If you can’t get either, s1mple can’t be having a lot of fun losing for Na’Vi, kennyS is back in form but still not winning with G2, and there are players like suNny and k0nfig either in free agency or very much confused as to where their future lies.

There are other options, like signing the MSL-led former OpTic team in full, but that would obviously not be as impactful or likely successful as the full-fat option. Either way, this is a far better time to be buying into CSGO then their last punt, which saw them sign the runners-up from the Major, and it could be the deal that changes the face of the scene with the money 100T have at their disposal.

There are no guarantees of course, and we do have a few big NA brands already in the game but making up the numbers, which is always a possibility for 100T if this is just a move to appease investors, but that’s now how they’ve done things so far. With Liquid dominating the world game, and new money set to flood with the Thieves’ arrival, it’s an exciting time for CSGO, and we could be talking about new contenders by the end of 2019 if all goes to plan for Nadeshot and co.

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